A Practical Guide to Mastering Real-World Compliance Scenarios

17 janvier 2024 | Leadership at Work | 5 min de lecture

When the captain activates the “fasten seatbelt” sign on an airplane, are you the type of person who studies the flight attendant’s face for signs of distress so you can effectively gauge whether you are really in danger? When a smoke alarm is activated, do you look around for any indication that it was triggered in error before finding the nearest exit?

In the face of an emergency, real or perceived, bystanders often hesitate to take action. Experts have hypothesized that this type of shock is driven by fear. The fear of being unable to assist effectively, a concern that we might misinterpret the situation and perceive a threat where none exists, and sometimes, anxiety about potential personal risks if we intervene.

First responders are trained to disregard these types of stress cues to effectively take action in an emergency, but I feel the rest of us could use some practice.

That said, getting the real-world practice you need by only watching a training video can be challenging – especially regarding compliance issues. And that’s where CAISYTM, Skillsoft’s Conversation AI Simulator, comes in. CAISY simulates honest conversations with AI-powered colleagues and delivers an output to recognize when you get the dialogue right. Conversely, it points out your blind spots and helps you improve on them.

When we launched CAISY in September, it primarily dealt with Leadership & Business scenarios related to first-time managers or diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). But now, CAISY boasts a handful of scenarios related to compliance. These include:

  • Best Practices for Protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Delivering Respectful Communication to Employees
  • Handling a report of Harassment or Discrimination
  • Strategic Business Activity or Bribe?

How Can CAISY Improve Your Organization’s Compliance Training?

Achieving and maintaining compliance in real-life situations is often trickier than training scenarios for various reasons. First, the real world is complex, and compliance usually involves navigating instant, dynamic situations with multiple variables.

Training scenarios may oversimplify or not fully capture the intricacies and challenges faced in everyday business operations. Additionally, human behavior can be unpredictable. Training scenarios may assume specific responses, but real-life situations involve diverse personalities, motivations, adrenaline levels and decision-making processes that are hard to replicate accurately.

Second, compliance probably intersects with your organization’s business operations. So, ensuring compliance may require coordination across departments and functions, introducing complexities that – again – may be simplified in training scenarios. Global events can also influence compliance efforts, and training scenarios may not adequately simulate the external pressures and uncertainties that organizations face.

And finally, real-life compliance issues sometimes involve ethical dilemmas and gray areas where the right course of action may not be clear-cut. Training scenarios may present more straightforward situations, not thoroughly preparing individuals for the ethical complexities they may encounter. For example, real-world problems demand quick and effective responses. They need to consider organizational culture, historical context, and specific industry dynamics, which training scenarios may not fully capture.

Skillsoft’s CAISY helps you build competence and confidence in handling unique compliance issues by providing employees with an emotionally safe space to practice difficult conversations and get feedback. Additional benefits include:

  • CAISY presents learners with a business scenario and plays the other person’s role in the conversation. Each conversation is unique, and reflective of the dynamic situations you might encounter in real life.
  • CAISY scores the interaction with a proficiency level.
  • CAISY identifies strengths and areas for improvement and will soon provide personalized learning recommendations to help the learner improve and try again.

We currently have 60 scenarios available within CAISY via Skillsoft Percipio, Skillsoft’s AI-driven online skilling platform, inclusive of our compliance scenarios. Consider some of the following compliance scenarios.

Best Practices for Protecting PII

How can you protect PII within your organization? Protecting PII is crucial to preventing data breaches, complying with regulations, and building a culture of security. This CAISY scenario ensures that your team knows what to say and do when a difficult situation arises that puts PII at risk. By identifying vulnerabilities and learning to address them within CAISY, your team can save costs associated with actual data breaches, maintain stakeholder trust, and ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

Delivering Respectful Communication to Employees

Every employee within your organization must practice respectful communication in alignment with your cultural norms.

Not only does this foster positive relationships, prevent misunderstandings, and enhance team collaboration, but it also helps to establish a culture of collaboration and compliance. CAISY enables a proactive approach that helps avoid conflicts arising from cultural differences, promotes inclusivity, and adapts leadership styles to suit diverse preferences.

Not only that but practicing respectful communication contributes to global business competence in an increasingly interconnected world.

Handling a Report of Harassment or Discrimination

Managers can use CAISY to practice taking reports of harassment or discrimination to ensure a swift, effective, and compliant response.

Not only does this create a safe and trusting work environment, but it also prevents escalation and contributes to the overall well-being of employees. By building trust and maintaining a positive organizational culture, managers can help your organization reduce liability and demonstrate a commitment to preventing and addressing inappropriate behavior.

Strategic Business Activity or Bribe?

Your team can benefit from hands-on practice assessing whether the circumstances of a gift, travel, or entertainment (GT&E) might be considered a bribe. Business is complex, and this topic, in particular, is often open to interpretation.

Regular practice with CAISY is an educational tool that helps managers and employees understand bribery risks, recognize red flags, and adhere to fair business practices.

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Practice Makes Perfect: Navigating Difficult Compliance Situations Beyond Training Videos

Mastering compliance in the real world requires a nuanced understanding beyond the confines of training scenarios. The complexity of dynamic situations, the unpredictability of human behavior, and the intricate intersections of compliance with various organizational functions all contribute to the challenges faced in everyday business operations.

Achieving and maintaining compliance demands a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted challenges that arise, acknowledging the uncertainties, ethical dilemmas, and intricate dynamics inherent in the complex tapestry of everyday business operations.

This depth of understanding can be captured via CAISY. It can empower individuals and organizations to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of compliance with resilience and integrity.