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The Challenge: Leading Through the Skill Crisis

Rapid digital evolution has propelled the need for competent leaders and skilled talent to a critical point.
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of HR leaders are uncertain about the impact of evolving technology trends, such as generative AI, on HR and talent. 

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of HR leaders confirmed their HR technology solutions and strategy do not match their current and future business needs. 

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of IT Skills and Salary survey respondents believe technical skills are the most important for those in leadership positions, falling behind power skills like interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence and business skills. 

For HR Leaders

Let Skillsoft help you conquer the most pressing challenges your organization and teams are facing today.

Get New Managers Up to Speed with Ease

Navigating the transition into a first-time manager role can present unique challenges, whether you’re in HR or IT. These challenges require adaptability, effective communication, and the ability to navigate new dynamics within a leadership role.

Develop Future-Fit Leaders

Agile and adaptable leaders aren’t built overnight. Every leader must be ready and willing to address emerging challenges and leverage new trends to remain competitive in the evolving digital landscape.

Empower Ethical Leaders

Ethical leaders are instrumental in guiding decision-making, behavior and actions that uphold organizational integrity standards. Educating leaders on best practices is crucial to developing and implementing ethical AI models that prioritize responsible and transparent use of artificial intelligence across your organization.

Educate Leaders to Guide Their Teams Through Generative AI

Leaders play a pivotal role in shaping a positive and sustainable generative AI evolution within their organization. Educating leaders on best practices enables them to inspire confidence and steers their teams towards leveraging AI in ways that align with organizational values and ethical standards.

The Power of Leadership Training

Leadership training programs are essential for businesses that want to develop strong leaders, build a strong talent pipeline, and drive organizational performance and innovation.

Skillsoft commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact ™ Study in 2023 to quantify the potential business benefits and cost savings of deploying Skillsoft Leadership and Business Skills solutions.

*Results are for a composite organization representative of interviewed customers.

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return on investment of 263% with a net present value of $52.56M over three years

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benefits of $72.56M resulting from upskilling employees, reducing turnover and more

Skillsoft + WM

WM partnered with Skillsoft to leverage the latest technologies and led a large-scale workforce transformation to empower their leaders and meet the immediate challenges they were facing.

“I am definitely more aware of how I am communicating with my employees. I have found the balance between helping without taking over; holding my employees accountable without removing their own responsibility. I am learning how to give them space to make and learn from their own mistakes while offering support and encouragement when needed.” Customer Experience Supervisor, WM

Skillsoft + Lexmark

Lexmark partnered with Skillsoft to help design and launch an array of training programs aligned with the key business drivers behind Lexmark’s digital transformation. Read the story.

“I genuinely feel like Skillsoft is always helping and is thoughtful about our organization’s needs, as well as the needs of our HR and talent management team.” Manager of Global Talent Development, Lexmark

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