Lifelong Learning Helps Shape the Future of the Construction Industry

With Skillsoft, Holcim relies on self-determined learning and employee development

Holcim, headquartered in Switzerland, is one of the largest building materials producers in the world. A special focus of the company is on innovative and sustainable designs. With sustainability at the heart of its strategy, Holcim is evolving into a net-zero company where success is centered on people and communities. As in many industries, market requirements and the skills required of employees in the building materials industry are evolving very quickly. The company therefore attaches great importance to offering employees the opportunity for self-determined learning and the development of their skills and qualifications. In order to provide its 70,000 employees from more than 70 different nations with access to learning opportunities with uniformly high standards, Holcim works with Skillsoft’s Percipio learning platform.


Holcim employs people who contribute to making the construction industry more climate-friendly, creating sustainable living spaces, promoting the development of long-lasting infrastructure and promoting the future of mobility and energy supply. The skills required for this in everyday work are diverse. “Long gone are the days when you completed your studies or training and then worked for 20 years with the skills you learned there,” confirms Ursula Stocker, who as Global L&D Partner at Holcim is responsible for the worldwide training programs and learning initiatives. “Our employees are committed and interested in helping to shape progress. Fostering their skills through learning that is as self determined as possible is therefore an important concern for us.”

Diversity is a top priority at Holcim: The group of companies employs around 1,800 people from 36 different nations at around 130 locations in Germany and the Netherlands alone. Holcim employs 70,000 people from over 70 nations worldwide. An important solution requirement was therefore an offer of learning opportunities and training courses in as many languages as possible. In addition to company-wide programs, many learning initiatives are initiated locally or regionally as well as from the specialist departments. In this way, self-determined learning becomes possible while at the same time providing high-quality educational content provided by the company.


The intelligent learning platform Percipio from Skillsoft convinced those responsible at Holcim above all with the wide range of offers on a wide variety of topics, in numerous languages and formats. “We use Percipio in all regions and in all business areas. We use around ¾ of the learning content provided via the Skillsoft platform and ¼ of our own materials that we upload to Percipio,” explains Ursula Stocker. “The platform is very userfriendly – not only for the learners, but also for the administrators who, for example, add their own content. The fact that the learning offers are available via a single platform is a great advantage.”

Topics used in the company include training, courses and learning content for areas such as leadership, office and business skills, digital transformation, productivity, project management, finance, collaboration, diversity and inclusion. Skillsoft’s Percipio was also able to prevail over competitors in a benchmarking in the IT & Developer area.

The continuous development of technical know-how and business skills is a core element of employee development at Holcim. Especially in the two pandemic years, courses and content on topics such as stress management, mental well-being and the changed conditions of working from home were also in demand among employees. Skillsoft was able to support Holcim well during this difficult time. Especially in countries where the pandemic had to switch to short-time work, the workforce was able to use the time to learn important skills and advance their careers. The L&D team received a lot of positive feedback from employees worldwide - from Europe to the Middle East, Africa, North and Latin America, India to the Philippines.



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What do our customers have to say?
What do our customers have to say?

As the Data Protection Officer, I use Percipio to improve my knowledge on specific topics. The access is easy and I like the content. I like the suggestion features and have found them useful when choosing the next course. The courses on Percipio deliver — I have a good understanding and I will certainly continue to apply what I have learned in the workplace.



Skillsoft’s deployment of Percipio to L&D in Iraq has resulted in increased interest from employees across levels and departments to complete their IDPS, Engineer, Team Leader and PFT development programs. As such, Percipio now plays a critical role in the country’s learning and development plan. Based on our experience, we can only recommend the use of Percipio in the learning and development departments.




In May 2021, Holcim launched a new Early Career Leadership Program. With the help of specially selected content from areas such as strategy and leadership, from project work to sales, marketing and finance, participants are supported in their further development via a channel built on Percipio. “The six-month program is like a mini MBA and was very well received,” says Stocker. “More than 300 employees have already completed the course.”

The Holcim L&D team also sees another trend in the field of live events, which Percipio recently expanded. In the future, Holcim would like to make even more of its own content available in additional formats on Percipio. Because, for example, a lot of the group’s own content is used during onboarding.

In addition to such special support offers, the option to use short training courses on one’s own responsibility and, if necessary, very practiceoriented, is becoming increasingly important. “Companies used to offer training, so to speak, just in case. Today, the trend is clearly in the direction of immediate support - exactly when the need arises in everyday work. This has the advantage that you can apply what you have learned straight away. In addition, today’s tools and requirements change so quickly that learning content must be constantly updated. We really appreciate that Skillsoft’s Percipio platform always has the latest training, which is beautifully prepared and available in different languages. If there are any questions, customer support is always easy to reach and we have come to appreciate Skillsoft as a strategic partner who is always happy to respond to our needs,” Stocker concludes


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Holcim enables progress for people and the planet. As the world’s leading provider of innovative and sustainable construction solutions, Holcim enables greener cities, smarter infrastructure and improves living standards around the world. With sustainability at the core of its strategy, Holcim is becoming a net-zero company with people and communities at the heart of its success. The company is driving the circular economy and is a global leader in recycling to build more with less. Holcim is a company with 70,000 employees working worldwide to advance people and the planet in four business areas: Cement, Ready-Mix Concrete, Aggregates, and Solutions & Products.