Learn how Skillsoft is measuring progress and inspiring change through our corporate sustainability efforts.


Skillsoft helps every individual reach their full potential through access to learning – leading to a future-fit, sustainable workforce. In 2023, we made progress toward this promise.

  • Assessed our global energy usage to establish a science-based target for reducing future greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Continued to combat skills gaps by expanding our network of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partnerships via in-kind license donations.
  • Identified material sustainability topics for Skillsoft, including talent management, DEI, employee well-being, and more.

And we continue to equip our employees – and all our customers – with the knowledge and skills needed to build a more sustainable and resilient future through continuous expansion of our ESG course offerings.



We believe it’s our duty to contribute positively to the world in which we operate; we also empower our customers to advance their own expertise in ESG practices. In line with our commitment to collective growth, Skillsoft is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact on Climate Change.

Quality Education

Quality Education:
Available anytime, anywhere, on any device, Skillsoft’s AI-driven platform makes learning personalized and accessible.

Gender Equality

Gender Equality:
Skillsoft supports women with access to learning in both the tech and power skills they need to compete and helps advance education for women and girls in marginalized communities.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Decent Work and Economic Growth:
With our acquisition of Codecademy, we’re creating a worldwide community of more than 84 million learners, ready for the jobs of tomorrow.


Adopting a Green Lifestyle

Duration: 6 topics | 22m 59s

The natural environment is important and the decisions we make at work and at home are having a huge impact on it. This course discusses how to reduce our environmental impact by adopting a green lifestyle. You'll discover the current environmental issues, how lifestyle choices have changed the environment, and the actions that will help reduce this impact.

Industry and Business Processes

Duration: 8 topics | 43m 1s

From natural products to supply chains, transportation, logistics, and energy use, companies are reviewing their processes to make their businesses more sustainable, environmentally responsible, and successful. This course provides an overview of Environmental Management Systems, the triple bottom line, sustainable materials management, procurement processes, and how to create a sustainable business strategy.

Product Selection

Duration: 4 topics | 22m 1s

Product selection has a wide variety of potential negative effects on human health and the environment, such as exposure to toxic chemicals and air pollution. This course discusses sustainable product choices. You'll discover the principles of the circular economy, the aims of the sustainable materials management approach, the steps of sustainable procurement, and how to apply circularity using the regenerative framework.

Waste Reduction

Duration: 8 topics | 28m 59s

There are several options available to businesses for managing potential waste. However, it's essential that organizations take a fresh look at existing practices in order to maintain sustainability. This course covers the definitions and methods for the 4Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle, and repair. It also covers sustainable consumption and production, the circular economy, and the methods to reduce waste in commercial offices.

Clean, Green Energy

Duration: 8 topics | 39m

To be more sustainable, the old ways of generating energy from fossil fuels need to make way for cleaner, renewable energy sources. The environment provides multiple sources of clean energy and we need to take advantage of the technology available to us to harness energy from the resources at our disposal, such as solar, wind, and hydropower. This course covers the different renewable energy options, as well as ways to be more energy efficient.


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