How Hotelbeds Saved $58,000 While Nearly Doubling the Amount of L&D Content Employees Completed

The TravelTech company turned to Skillsoft to launch four brand-new, highly-engaging learning programmes.


TravelTech company Hotelbeds was looking to update and standardize learning and development (L&D) content across the organization. With 3,000 employees in 88 different countries, the company needed a consistent, high-quality L&D program — yet its existing opportunities varied in format, quality, and accessibility, which made it difficult for Hotelbeds to attract, retain, and develop the talent it needed.

The company knew its employees wanted more digital learning opportunities. A recent pilot programme saw employees consume a total of 1,550 hours of digital training content. The question was: Which digital learning provider could best meet the needs of the organization and its employees?

During the pilot programme, employees tried and ranked three different digital L&D providers, with Hotelbeds adopting the provider with the highest score. However, adoption and engagement rates remained low


Hotelbeds took another look at the platforms it had piloted. Skillsoft, which had been part of the initial program, also received high scores. Furthermore, L&D leaders at Hotelbeds liked the functionality and accessibility of Skillsoft’s AI-powered learning platform Percipio. It offered personalization, a mobile-friendly user experience, and simple integration with theUni - Hotelbeds’ corporate training platform.

Hotelbeds made the switch to Skillsoft and rolled out four new training initiatives:

  • The Level Up programme drives learners to Skillsoft Percipio by highlighting key features and functionalities, sharing tips and insights, and utilizing gamification like scavenger hunts and Digital Badge competitions.
  • The Level Up Your Skills programme helps employees develop core Hotelbeds competencies through a blend of virtual sessions, custom content, and digital resources that speak to all learning formats.
  • The Hotelbeds Mentoring programme pairs developing employees with seasoned mentors, using Skillsoft content to help participants make the most of the experience.
  • The Aspire Leadership programme delivers digital training to senior leaders, people leaders, and aspiring leaders across the company to help them master Hotelbeds’ new leadership framework.


Appreciating the convenience, content, and accessibility of Skillsoft, learners at Hotelbeds have embraced the new L&D programmes. Whereas previous programmes suffered from low adoption and engagement, Hotelbeds has experienced significant growth in learner activity since switching to Skillsoft, including a 49% increase in average monthly users, a 75% increase in hours spent on training content, and a 98% increase in pieces of content completed.

Internal surveys show the new L&D opportunities are driving employee satisfaction with the organization overall. Since adopting Skillsoft and launching new programs in theUni, Hotelbeds’ employee satisfaction score has risen by 26.9 points.

Thanks to its cutting-edge approach to L&D, Hotelbeds is developing stronger leaders, improving employee performance, and cultivating an organization-wide culture of learning.



Estimated cost-savings from switching to Skillsoft


Increase in learning hours consumed year-over-year


Increase in course completions year-over-year


What do our customers have to say?

I would say that the key to the success has been to work as one team. Skillsoft’s customer success manager has become an extension of our team and we have worked very closely to make sure we were addressing Hotelbeds needs and making the most of the learning experience.

Raquel Martínez

Global Digital Learning Manager


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