How Lexmark Used Learning to Drive Digital Transformation

Lexmark’s robust learning culture empowers every employee to champion innovation.


Founded in 1991, Lexmark has long been a leader in business printing hardware. However, as companies began to embrace digital-first work arrangements, Lexmark knew it had to adapt. To meet the needs of businesses today, Lexmark needed a digital transformation of its own: from a printer company to an innovative global imaging and internet of things (IoT) solutions provider.

Lexmark’s employees would need new skills and a new culture to fully realize this vision and execute the company’s new strategy. In other words, Lexmark needed a workforce transformation to power its digital transformation.


Lexmark partnered with Skillsoft’s Professional Services team and added two strategic resources dedicated to Lexmark to help design and launch an array of training programs aligned with the key business drivers behind Lexmark’s digital transformation. Collaborating with Skillsoft’s professional services team, Lexmark created custom content and curated learning experiences touching on all aspects of work — from technical challenges like hardware and software engineering to culture challenges like developing new leaders and reaching diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals.

To make it easy for every employee to find relevant training, Lexmark hosted these programs on LexLearn, the company’s custom-branded instance of Skillsoft’s AI-powered learning platform.

Although there were many programs developed to support the transformation, some of Lexmark’s most impactful programs include:

  • Emerge: The Emerge program prepares high-potential employees for leadership roles. The program pairs customized Skillsoft leadership content with direct, small-group coaching from executive leaders at Lexmark to help participants develop core leadership skills like accountability, emotional intelligence, and employee development.
  • Accelerate: The Accelerate program uses Skillsoft’s coaching platform to connect high-potential first- and second-line managers with tailored coaching plans and one-on-one guidance from qualified executive coaches.
  • Quarterly Culture Challenges: Every quarter, Lexmark delivers company-wide learning journeys that highlight fundamental values like proactivity, collaboration, and creativity. Individual contributors and managers watch curated videos from Skillsoft’s library, reflect on how they embody Lexmark’s culture, and look for opportunities to put their values into practice.

  • Virtual instructor-led training (VILT): To align the needs of the company and the needs of the workforce, Lexmark surveyed employees and managers about the skills and topics they wanted to learn. Then, Lexmark and Skillsoft designed VILT courses for the most popular subjects.


Lexmark’s workforce transformation has enabled the company to become a leader in digital transformation and innovation. The company even won a Forrester/InfoWorld Enterprise Architecture (EA) Award for digital transformation and EA best practices.

Employees have embraced the culture change and eagerly participate in learning opportunities. Lexmark saw a 45 percent increase in the total number of times employees accessed LexLearn, and 84 percent of learners return to the platform multiple times.

Zeroing in on one particular program, working with their dedicated Skillsoft program manager, Emerge enabled Lexmark to build a learning program for high-potential employees. Participants in Emerge doubled their proficiency in 9 out of the 10 leadership topics covered, and they enjoy connecting with peers and executive-level mentors they may not have otherwise met. The mentors, too, feel they get a lot out of the program



Percentage of Lexmark learners who are likely to apply what they’ve learned on the job


Average net promoter score for LexLearn courses (represents overall course satisfaction)


Total number of badges earned by Lexmark learners in 2022

I genuinely feel like Skillsoft is always helping and is thoughtful about our organization’s needs, as well as the needs of our HR and talent management team.




Moving forward, Lexmark plans to continue driving digital and workforce transformation through learning. The company is rolling out new curated LexLearn channels focused on key business imperatives like speed and agility, and it is exploring ways to create a more consistent and streamlined onboarding process.