Revolutionizing Sensata’s Compliance Training with Skillsoft


Sensata embraces a non-siloed approach, engaging multiple departments and business units in decision-making for their compliance program. The organization needed an easier way to manage comprehensive compliance training for their extensive employee base, including a complex array of global code of conduct and harassment prevention requirements, evolving content, and multiple languages. With over 21,000 employees across the globe, Sensata had their work cut out for them.

As they faced a growing need for compliance training on a broader range of topics and content areas, the talent management team found that organizing and efficiently delivering these courses to employees was quickly becoming a concern. The conventional approach of assigning all compliance courses to each employee simultaneously led to reduced completion rates. From a learner perspective, having seven to 10 hours of compliance courses assigned all at once was daunting.

In an effort to increase the number of employees completing required training, and improve the learner experience, Sensata sought a mores tructured and manageable approach to compliance training


Sensata leveraged Skillsoft’s compliance training solutions to streamline their training programs, addressing the challenge of disseminating a global code of conduct and harassment prevention courses. Skillsoft’s platform allowed Sensata to customize courses, break content into manageable sections, and include elements like CEO messages and company policies. This customization strategy, aided by Skillsoft’s technology, facilitated a more engaging and adaptable learning experience for employees.



The team introduced a quarterly cadence for delivering compliance training to employees, ensuring a more structured approach. This strategic shift breaks down the content into manageable portions throughout the year – avoiding overwhelming employees by spreading the coursework across multiple quarters and significantly improving completion rates. This provided Sensata with a clear plan for assigning compliance courses to employees without inundating them with excessive content at once.


Using Skillsoft’s compliance tools, Sensata customized their courses, particularly the Global Code of Conduct solution, by cherry-picking relevant sections, breaking them into smaller, digestible portions, and tailoring content to cater to specific business needs. The ability to customize content by selecting different versions of lessons and incorporating additional company-specific materials within the course framework helped keep the content fresh and engaging for employees – and enabled Sensata to align the content with specific business needs, ensuring the training was more engaging and relevant to their workforce.


Skillsoft’s multi-language offerings were crucial for Sensata, enabling it to provide courses in 16 different languages. For a global company like Sensata, this was particularly important. Further, Skillsoft’s platform allowed for standard and custom translations for languages not covered in their standard offerings, such as Bulgarian and Lithuanian. Sensata created a custom landing page for users to select their preferred language before accessing the course content. This feature significantly enhanced the user experience and helped employees navigate the courses more efficiently. Overall, Skillsoft’s suite of tools and solutions provided Sensata with the flexibility, structure, and customization required to transform its compliance training program. This implementation improved completion rates, enhanced engagement, and created a more manageable learning experience for Sensata’s workforce.



training completion rate across the company


employee training hours in 2022


rate TRIR (Total Recordable Incident Rate) declined by


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Following the implementation of Skillsoft’s suite of tools, at this point, and for the last two-years, Sensata witnessed a significant increase in completion rates. With consistent completion rates holding steady at 99%, the quarterly approach of spreading the compliance training across the year proved to drastically increase completion rates, a notable improvement from lower/mid-90s completion rates before the learning and development team implemented the quarterly approach.

Sensata is also an organization concerned with the safety of their employees and their products. As such, they are an organization that views incident and violation reports as a net positive for all. The company reported encouraging numbers regarding incident


Sensata urged employees to report concerns, violations, or suspected violations of their code or policies. The number of reports increased to 4.73 per 1,000 employees in 2022, slightly above pre-pandemic levels—the focus on actively investigating reported incidents led to improvements in the closure cycle time.

The quarterly cadence effectively divided the compliance requirements, easing the burden on employees while instilling a continuous learning culture. This structure helped organize and administer compliance training, providing a clear expectation of compliance standards.

The quarterly approach not only increased completion rates but also provided a structured framework for compliance administration. This approach helped employees understand expectations and emphasized that compliance and ethics are a continuous aspect of their
work throughout the year. The collaborative effort among different business units and departments ensured compliance topics were regularly reviewed by leadership and adjusted to suit the organizational needs


Sensata aims to refine its compliance program continually. As they encounter increasing demands across various business sectors, they will continue balancing the need for comprehensive training without inundating employees. Collaboration with different business units and departments is integral in refining the compliance calendar, ensuring a cohesive, complete, and yet manageable training schedule. The focus remains on continuous improvement, investigating all reported incidents, and active collaboration among departments to enhance compliance training.

Sensata’s partnership with Skillsoft has effectively addressed its compliance training challenges, resulting in improved completion rates, structured administration, and a compliance culture ingrained throughout the organization. The company continues to build on these successes, making compliance a seamless part of its organizational culture.


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