Skillsoft’s Journey to Support Mastery and Continuous Training

To truly serve all, the Skillsoft Customer Support Team must be experts in all of the company’s products. But for a 24/7/365 support center, simply finding time to train support staff on all the products and new releases is a constant challenge.
The Customer Support Team at Skillsoft helps clients by offering resources around the clock. The team assists learners with everything from access issues, navigation, and system-related questions. For administrators, the team provides guidance on user management, reporting, and assignment features.
Not only is the team needed to provide technical support when issues arise, they must know how every aspect of the product works in order to accurately guide learners and administrators through completing tasks.
Therefore, the team needed a way to ensure uninterrupted support, while keeping employees updated on the constant
changes and enhancements in the products.

The solution

Skillsoft’s AI-powered learning platform, Percipio, plays a significant role in making onboarding and continuous learning more manageable for the team.

Due to the variety of products offered, onboarding is extensive. Simply providing a long list of courses for new team members would be overwhelming. So, the team uses this platform to create a customized onboarding journey with different tracks. Having this centralized platform ensures new team members know exactly where to access the training they need during the onboarding period.

The journey begins with a “getting started” track on the first day, introducing new members to the basics and allowing them to engage with relevant courses, while also gaining first-hand experience utilizing the platform. Subsequently, team members progress through tracks dedicated to customer service and product training.

To address the challenge of keeping its staff updated with rapidly changing products, they created training content tailored to the support team and their role within the company.

The support team published 55 custom courses to address specific training needs. Two custom journeys were explicitly designed for onboarding and upskilling purposes to streamline the process for new team members.

By assigning this training content, they made it easier for members to complete it at different times. This approach allowed the team to manage support queues effectively and provide uninterrupted service delivery, which would not have been feasible if performing live group training sessions as was done previously.

How did the program perform?


Badges earned in the last fiscal year


Custom courses published to address specific training needs


Average satisfaction rating within customer surveys

Results and benefits

Having Skillsoft’s Customer Support Team actively utilize the product for their own training needs makes collaboration with product owners more effective. The support team earned 1,046 badges in the last fiscal year, highlighting their dedication to upskilling and professional development.

This close alignment and partnership helps improve quality on all levels. This becomes even more important as the product team continuously iterates and improves the products.

With product deployments at least every two weeks, the close collaboration between the product and support teams means the two teams stay connected throughout the entire process — from development to end-user training. In turn, learners and administrators reap the rewards of more accurate, faster resolutions to challenges they may experience.

Learners benefit from a faster, more knowledgeable support team

The combination of end-user support, timely product enhancements, and comprehensive training materials contributed to a positive customer experience.

The quality assurance staff at Skillsoft grade a portion of support interactions to ensure agents maintain a high standard of excellence, in both product knowledge and customer service skills to aid in providing an effortless experience for customers.

Achieving a minimum standard of 85% was necessary for agents and anything above 93% was considered expectational. The team achieved an overall average of 89.6% in QA evaluations last year.

In addition to the graded interactions, customers also receive satisfaction surveys after engaging with the support team. The satisfaction surveys provide feedback on key areas, such as overall experience, ease of handling issue, and communication skills of the representative. Any surveys that are returned with low scores in these areas are further reviewed by the quality assurance team and appropriate follow up is then completed internally and with the customer.

Skillsoft’s philosophy has always been that support is an active endeavor. Providing training to agents is crucial in giving them the essential knowledge and skills to uphold organizational standards and, consequently, helps agents follow proper procedures while interacting with customers in a skilled and courteous manner.