Security and Business Continuity

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Natural disasters in the U.S. are increasing—and getting more expensive. In 2018, the country suffered 14 weather and climate disaster events with losses exceeding $1 billion each. Hurricane Florence, Hurricane Michael, and the California wildfires are estimated to have caused over $24 billion in damage—each.1 Globally, while total losses from natural and man-made disasters were down compared to 2017, 2018 was the fourth most expensive year on record for insurance companies, which paid out $79 billion, higher than the annual average over the past decade.

One way to protect businesses and improve the odds of reopening after security events or disasters to have a business continuity plan. Unfortunately, this is a precaution that many businesses overlook. A recent Nationwide Insurance study found that two in three businesses don’t have a written disaster plan, even though most think disaster recovery would take more than three months.3

Skillsoft provides a wealth of resources, including online classes and eBooks, to help you create your natural disaster and business recovery plan and provide a healthy, safe work environment for your associates. We partner with experienced industry experts who provide the latest insights into how to create a safer workplace overall and mitigate the specific risks your business faces. Being prepared will help you minimize damage to your business, community, and environment if the worst does happen.

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