Workplace Health and Safety

What you will learn

Organizations that build and embrace a culture of training and education will get the most benefit from their workplace safety programs. In such an environment, employees are empowered and encouraged to assess their work areas for hazards and play an active role in mitigating those hazards. They also have the authority to speak up—and stop production, if necessary—when they spot safety violations or unsafe work processes. They encourage their colleagues to engage in safe work practices. Making workplace safety training a core value can benefit the bottom line in several ways, ranging from improved productivity and reduced operational costs to higher job satisfaction and lower turnover. Simply put, safety training is good business—there are millions of dollars to be saved by investing in suitable workplace safety training. “Training in the safe way for workers to do their jobs well is an investment that will pay back over and over again in fewer injuries and illnesses, better morale, lower insurance premiums and more,” OSHA says.

We help employees at all levels of an organization understand the potential risks relevant to their work environment so they can recognize the critical hazards that can threaten their health and safety.

Our Safety and Health content remains up-to-date, relevant, and in pace with the ever-changing landscape of safety topics by partnering with industry experts who guide our content development plans as well as ensure accuracy. We select knowledgable and certified experts with many years of experience in workplace safety.

Our courses help you address key risk areas relevant to hazards your employees may encounter in their work environments; communicate corporate safety standards to employees across all locations; keep training relevant and consistent; deploy training that is engaging, interactive, and available in across platforms in multiple languages.

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