Winning Customers’ Hearts and Minds Through Power Skills

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Winning Customers’ Hearts and Minds Through Power Skills

Ben Sieke, Director of Talent Development and Learning for Delta Dental of California and affiliates, has a vision for his customer service representative workforce: to help them develop critical power skills that are often overlooked and undermined, like empathy, personalization, and how to proactively problem solve. In part 1 of our conversation with Ben, he tells us about his L&D team’s customized, blended learning program empowering Delta Dental’s customer service representatives to go above and beyond in their roles to provide top-notch service and drive business outcomes. As a huge proponent of L&D measurement, Ben goes on to share not only his program’s success metrics, but also how he puts data into action to better serve learners. And while the power skills he’s advocating may be vital to ensuring superior service, they’re just as valuable to any organization seeking to transform the customer experience – and win the hearts and minds of customers with authenticity and ease.

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  • For more insight on Delta Dental and their organization, Ben invites you to visit Delta Dental’s website and check out their careers page.

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About Our Guest

Ben Sieke

Ben Sieke is Director, Talent Development and Learning at Delta Dental of California. Ben leads a national team of learning and development professionals, including facilitators, instructional designers, program managers and others, that develop, deliver, and manage learning programs for Delta Dental employees. He and his team take a consulting approach when working with internal clients and other human resources partners to develop and execute enterprise and divisional learning strategies in support of personal and professional employee development, both in our employees’ current roles and throughout their careers at Delta Dental.

Ben, who has more than a decade of experience in corporate training and human resources, joined Delta Dental in 2019 as a Senior Organizational Effectiveness Consultant. He was subsequently promoted to Manager of Talent Development and Learning later that year, and again promoted to Director of Talent Development and Learning in early 2020.

Prior to joining Delta Dental, Ben served as Director of Field Human Resources and Manager of Learning Programs at Guitar Center between 2016 and 2019. Ben has also held roles on the global learning and development teams at MUFG and at Weight Watchers. Ben has been a certified Master Trainer since 2013.

An active member of the professional learning and development community, Ben served as President of the Association for Talent Development, Los Angeles Chapter, from 2017 to 2019.