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Case Studies (PDF)

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Business-ServicesCarrington Holding Company, LLCDownload

Carrington Holding Company, LLC

Carrington partnered with Skillsoft to develop a business case. Carrington utilized their Skillsoft representative and learning strategist, to create the case and to get the new Carrington Education Portal running quickly and effectively. By starting with mandatory compliance training, Carrington positioned Skillport as the "Google of Learning," encouraging users to access it for their own professional development.

Length: 1 page



Learn how CGI partnered with Skillsoft to deliver a "Learning Everywhere" site, featuring examples of experiential learning activities and Skillsoft's New Habit Calendar and how all eLearning courses, videos and books were a click away for members identifying their individual learning style and planning their professional and personal development.

Length: 1 page



Skillsoft donated its IT Skills Courseware collection, delivered through Skillport, SkillSoft's LMS. The IT Skills Courseware includes engaging and interactive instruction for hundreds of IT certifications. To practice the skills presented in the courses, students used IT certification manuals which offer information on emerging certifications and technologies, as well as practice certifications exams in order to test their knowledge in a test simulated environment.

Length: 1 page

Business-ServicesCrane Worldwide LogisticsDownload

Crane Worldwide Logistics

Crane partnered with Skillsoft to introduce a number of Learning Programs that pull together four courses grouped around a particular theme. These programs cover a variety of topics from Microsoft Office Products, to Foreign Corrupt Practices Act compliance, to courses that target advanced management skills orpersonal productivity.

Length: 1 page



When Menasha adopted the Welch Way program, a partnership with Skillsoft and the Jack Welch Management Institute, learning leaders recognized that they couldn't roll this first leadership development program out alone and contracted Skillsoft's Leadership Services team to help implement the program.

Length: 1 page

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Video Testimonials

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ContentHitachi Consulting's Jennifer CrowfootPlay

Hitachi Consulting's Jennifer Crowfoot

Hitachi Consulting developed a custom course that replaced a two-day classroom session. This eLearning module helped them save on travel costs and billable hours, earning the organization a 200% ROI on their learning investment.

Length: 00:00:58

ContentCapgemini's Marijke DekkerPlay

Capgemini's Marijke Dekker

In her previous role with CapGemini, Ms. Dekker didn't work with us directly and wondered why there were so many learning assets. Now in a role where she works with various business partners, she appreciates that no matter what learning needs emerge, Skillsoft has something to meet the need.

Length: 00:00:34

ContentUniversity of Alberta's Cynthia MunroPlay

University of Alberta's Cynthia Munro

The University of Alberta's Cynthia Munro was surprised by the amount of relevant content they were able to get from Skillsoft, leading to topic discoveries like project management, and the leadership and IT resources people had been asking for.

Length: 00:00:42

ContentCatapult Technology's Katie CawoodPlay

Catapult Technology's Katie Cawood

Catapult's Katie Cawood prepared for her PHR certification exam using only Skillsoft resources (and passed!). She believes her experience has set a good example in the company and built credibility for eLearning and Skillsoft within her organization.

Length: 00:01:10

ContentDavenport University's Lynda CribariPlay

Davenport University's Lynda Cribari

For Davenport University, Skillsoft is the way to go when it comes to an affordable way to address the budget cuts that many organizations are dealing with now that challenge them to do more with less.

Length: 00:00:38

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BusinessToo Much to Do and Too Little TimeCourseLaunch

Too Much to Do and Too Little Time

Do you sometimes feel you have too much to do and not enough time to do it in? You aren't alone. It can be frustrating when you're expending a lot of energy but not sure you're doing it in the right places for the right reasons. Having goals is a good start. But do your goals align with your organization's goals for you? When goals shift and change and you don't know which are most important and to what degree you're supposed to be attending to them, it can get confusing. You have to be clear on where you're headed and why, otherwise your work getting there will be scattered and you won't make the best use of your time. In this course, you'll learn how to get clarity around what's most important - your goals - by ensuring they're aligned with those of your organization, so you can prioritize your work based on those goals.

Length: 00:30:00

BusinessInterpersonal Communication that Builds TrustCourseLaunch

Interpersonal Communication that Builds Trust

Communication works best when your intention is clear, your audience is engaged, and your verbal and nonverbal behavior are respectful. When you hit these notes, you'll build trust with the people you communicate with. To maintain that trust, you also have to be aware of and manage emotions - yours and those of others. In this course, you'll explore how a clear intention drives a communication, and how understanding your audience ensures that the message gets delivered. You'll also learn how verbal signals, nonverbal behavior, and emotional intelligence can help make or break your communications.

Length: 00:30:00

IT & TechnologyOffice 365: Working with Online Files and CalendarsCourseLaunch

Office 365: Working with Online Files and Calendars

Microsoft Office 365 includes hosted Exchange for meetings and shared calendars, and SharePoint. This course covers scheduling meetings and sharing calendars, creating announcements on SharePoint, chatting using Lync IM, and working with Office document files.

Length: 00:30:00

IT & TechnologyPreparing and Packaging Applications For DeploymentCourseLaunch

Preparing and Packaging Applications For Deployment


Length: 02:30:00

IT & TechnologyGetting Started with AngularJSCourseLaunch

Getting Started with AngularJS

AngularJS is designed to simplify the task of building single page Model, View, Controller apps. This course introduces the AngularJS environment, using controllers, and working with user input and formatted output.

Length: 02:00:00

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Platform Technology


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Authoring ToolsSkillStudio Product DemoProduct TourLaunch

SkillStudio Product Demo

SkillStudio Product Demo

Length: 00:24:40

Content Delivery SystemsSkillport TourVideo DemoLaunch

Skillport Tour

Highlights of the searchable, intuitive, social, fast, and mobile-enabled Skillport 8i content delivery system.

Length: 00:01:04

Learning Management SystemsSumTotal MaestroVideo DemoLaunch

SumTotal Maestro

SumTotal Maestro's intuitive, results driven interface is easy to implement, manage and administer. And just because it's designed for small and mid-size businesses doesn't mean it's the "light version." Many enterprise-class organizations across the globe find Maestro to be the perfect fit to meet the needs of their employees and business.


Learning Management SystemsSumTotal LearnVideo DemoLaunch

SumTotal Learn

SumTotal Learn is one of the industry's most complete learning solutions, with the flexibility to enable world-class formal training and certification programs, as well as day-to-day informal learning and knowledge sharing. All coming together in the most effective and engaging learning ecosystem - designed to increase your competitiveness, align with partners, educate your customers, and help employees be better at what they do.


Talent Management SystemsSumTotal TalentVideo DemoLaunch

SumTotal Talent

An organization's people are its biggest competitive advantage - however, programs designed to increase employee engagement and productivity often don't produce the desired results. Research shows this is typically due to lack of visibility into employees' capabilities and performance or HR having to spend too much time gathering and analyzing information across multiple systems instead of taking action that could have a material impact on the business.


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Upcoming Webinars

Date / TimeRegionTitleMore Info 
12 p.m. ET
AmericasLearning Measurement Strategy 301: Measuring OutcomesRegister

Learning Measurement Strategy 301: Measuring Outcomes

You'll learn:

* When and why you should measure the impacts of certain programs

* How to pinpoint the business outcome that can be measured based on the learning's intended impact

* Ways to measure impact of learning

* Tools available to aid in measuring learning's impact

Tara Tapley, Consulting Services Manager, Skillsoft
Kristin Thomas, Learning Consultant, Skillsoft

Date/Time: 09/22/2016 - 12 p.m. ET

12 p.m. ET
AmericasLearning Measurement Strategy 201: Measuring EffectivenessRegister

Learning Measurement Strategy 201: Measuring Effectiveness

You'll learn to:

* Identify the indicators of performance improvement and how to capture data to measure performance improvement

* Measure application rate (learning scrap rate) efficiently

Tara Tapley, Consulting Services Manager, Skillsoft
Kristin Thomas, Learning Consultant, Skillsoft

Date/Time: 08/18/2016 - 12 p.m. ET

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On Demand Webinars

DateRegionTitleMore Info 
07/19/2016AmericasCharting What's Next for Your Learning & Talent StrategyPlay

Charting What's Next for Your Learning & Talent Strategy

Better learning and talent management processes yield business results — so maturing your learning and talent strategy has become a business imperative. But to know where to focus, you need to understand your organization's current state. Skillsoft's five-stage benchmarking framework can help you assess your stage of maturity and develop a plan to advance to the next level.

Kieran King, Vice President, Global Customer Insight, Skillsoft
Brent Colescott, Director, Business Strategy & Transformation, SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company

Date/Time: 07/19/2016 - 11 a.m. ET

06/30/2016Americas5 ways learning can drive SMB performancePlay

5 ways learning can drive SMB performance

Embracing learning and development as part of a competitive business strategy can yield great results for small to medium businesses. We invite you to learn how to build or revamp an L&D program that drives measurable performance, engages your employees, and evolves with your organization.

Chris Cummins, Vice-President of Inside Sales North America, Skillsoft
Pam Easton, Sales Performance and Training - Inside Sales, Skillsoft

Date/Time: 06/30/2016 - 11 a.m. ET

06/29/2016AmericasTraining done right: Using learning strategy to support business strategyPlay

Training done right: Using learning strategy to support business strategy

How can your organization identify future training needs today? How can you support business strategy using your learning strategy? Eaton Corporation will show you how with its new collaborative training method that resulted in a three-year strategic learning plan directly tied to business strategy. Listen in and learn how your organization can apply Eaton's method for success.

Casey Rasata, Sr Mgr, Corporate Learning & Development, Eaton Center
Cary Disney, Learning Technology/Americas Regional Learning Hub Manager, Eaton Corporation

Date/Time: 06/29/2016 - 1 p.m. ET

06/28/2016AmericasWhy HR Should Talk to IT, and How to Do itPlay

Why HR Should Talk to IT, and How to Do it

HR is not becoming a more data-centric profession, it already is. But people data is still data, and the tools we use, the structure of information systems, and the policies and procedures governing proper data usage is relatively consistent regardless of type. Knowing how information is stored, processed, and secured within our organizations is necessary for modern HR professionals, and this webinar will help you understand how interacts with IT, and the best practices for people data governance.

Cliff Stevenson, Principal Analyst of Workforce Management at the Brandon Hall Group
Bill Docherty, Vice President of Product Management at SumTotal, a Skillsoft company

Date/Time: 06/28/2016 - 1 p.m. ET

06/15/2016AmericasLEADing with Heart: Building Leaders for our FuturePlay

LEADing with Heart: Building Leaders for our Future

American Heart Association has created a year-long leadership development program targeted at the Executive Director role, which is a pivotal role at AHA. LEAD was designed to accomplish the following goals for the organization around development and advancement of top talent, foster and support the culture of learning and to accelerate the performance across the organization. By improving the performance of these Executive Directors, we improve strategic execution and the likelihood of strategic success.

Katherine Neverdousky, Vice President, Human Resources and Corporate Learning & Development, American Heart Association

Date/Time: 06/15/2016 - 4 p.m. ET

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White Papers (PDF)

TopicTitleMore Info 
Improving Business PerformanceThe Changing Role of the CIODownload

The Changing Role of the CIO

No department within an organization has undergone such a profound change as that of IT. The platforms used to deliver IT products and services, the tools-of-the-trade and skillsets required to do the job have changed. On top of all that, the IT function is now being integrated into the company's other operations and is expected to operate as a business-within-abusiness. Overseeing this sea change is the CIO. This paper examines how the role of the CIO has been evolving to meet today's new world of IT.

Length: 12 pages

Improving Business PerformanceThe Bedrock of IT Security: It Starts with TrainingDownload

The Bedrock of IT Security: It Starts with Training

Uninformed, careless, or disgruntled employees can create profound information security disruptions and IT experts bear the burden. Learm how training your current staff reduces the time, cost and headache of replacing scarce resources and keeps valuable institutional knowledge in house for the consistency and continuity you need to protect your systems.

Length: 9 pages

Improving Business PerformanceThe Relationship Between Learning, Workforce Agility, and Business PerformanceDownload

The Relationship Between Learning, Workforce Agility, and Business Performance

Organizations that embrace and practice agility are proven to be more effective in dealing with change. Key to fostering agility is continuous learning and development. Learning is not an event-based occurrence where one-time training can satisfy skill gaps; learning opportunities need to be accessible, targeted, and continuous. With a strong learning culture that aligns with business objectives, companies are better able to embrace an agile mindset, and with increased agility, performance will improve and the overall business impact will increase.

Length: 10 pages

Leadership DevelopmentThe Impact of Women in the Workforce: A Skillsoft Survey ReportDownload

The Impact of Women in the Workforce: A Skillsoft Survey Report

From entry level to C-level positions, women workers are facing more barriers and advancing more slowly than their male counterparts. What's more, even when training is available, the opportunity to advance and to apply skills may not be. In this Skillsoft survey, 486 women worldwide weigh in on topics like the imbalance of women in leadership and senior management roles, what that means for a working population of which women make up 50 percent, and the importance of programs aimed at women leaders.

Length: 11 pages

Leadership DevelopmentDirect the White Space: Refocusing Leadership Development from Program to ProcessDownload

Direct the White Space: Refocusing Leadership Development from Program to Process

The current approach to leadership development in most organizations today isn't working. Organizations must refocus their leadership efforts and shift their mindset from programs to process. The solution must scale and be compatible with the environment in which leaders operate - one of constant change and a scarcity of "white space." This paper provides insights on how we can refocus leadership development by moving from programs to process and directing the white space.

Length: 12 pages

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Industry Research Reports (PDF)

AuthorTitleMore Info 
Aberdeen GroupTrending Now: Social LearningDownload

Trending Now: Social Learning

In this report from Aberdeen Group, learn more about the practice of social learning, how best-in-class companies are making it work for them and what business impact you might realize by adopting social learning in your organization.

Length: 8 pages

Bersin by DeloitteNine Steps for Selecting an LMSDownload

Nine Steps for Selecting an LMS

Approximately 600 LMS providers exist worldwide. How will you choose? In this research, Bersin by Deloitte identifies leading LMS selection practices and aligns them with a nine-step buying cycle.

Length: 31 pages

Brandon Hall GroupState of Succession Management 2015: Increasing Investment and Accelerating AutomationDownload

State of Succession Management 2015: Increasing Investment and Accelerating Automation

In Brandon Hall Group's 2015 State of Succession Management Study, the majority of organizations reported that improving the health of their talent pipeline is an essential outcome of their succession management. But 84% of organizations said they are suffering from a lack ready leaders. In fact, just over a quarter of all organizations indicated that they have a ready-and-willing successor for 10% or less of open, critical roles. And another 7% said they have no one groomed and ready. It is no surprise, then, that most organizations plan to increase their investment in succession management over the next 12 months.

Length: 34 pages

EudemoniaIt's About Time: Developing Women for Business LeadershipDownload

It's About Time: Developing Women for Business Leadership

Time management is particularly important for women to succeed in business because women already have more absolute, if self-imposed, demands on their time. This is true both inside and outside of the workplace. Women are also less likely to consider timeline trajectories in planning their careers and career development. Neither do they typically have "extra" time to accept additional assignments that traditionally have helped workers ascend the corporate ladder. In this paper, research firm Eudemonia illustrates how a time-bound and time-sensitive approach to developing women for business leadership positions can be a critical enabler of success.

Length: 15 pages

HfS ResearchPoint of View: The Era of EnablementDownload

Point of View: The Era of Enablement

Recent sales and marketing developments in terms of more consultative support, targeted market segmentation, and agile delivery capabilities now have corollaries in the workforce support domain through the Skillsoft SumTotal combination: topical and timely content, targeted and delivered to audiences that need it, embedded in business systems that they are using. And the companies that use Skillsoft and SumTotal should be in a better position to enable those very sales and delivery professionals themselves.

Length: 5 pages

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