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A fully customizable, executive-quality coaching platform for building effective leaders at every level through one-on-one and group coaching engagements.

Deliver Executive-Quality Coaching at Scale

Leadership coaching is not just for the C-suite anymore. As businesses look to retain top talent and fill the talent pipeline, building effective leaders becomes an integral part of skilling across organizations. To succeed during workforce transformation, businesses must prepare all employees to be leaders, not only in their roles, but also at their company. And in a world that has become rapidly virtualized, digital coaching plays a critical role throughout the employee lifecycle.

With Skillsoft Coaching, pair professionals at all levels, from individual contributors to C-level executives, with ICF-accredited executive-quality coaches who focus on developing behaviors and skills needed to lead successfully.

The Business Benefits of Leadership Coaching

At Skillsoft, we are dedicated to driving real behavioral change. Here are typical six months’ coaching results after using Skillsoft Coaching, formerly Pluma:

The Value Of Skillsoft Coaching

Personalized Coaching Experience

Have your employees work one-on-one with a coach to define their goals and develop strategies tailored to their needs.

Scalable Leadership Development

Coach hundreds of employees vs. leaders, not just a handful, with Skillsoft’s turnkey digital solution, which can be integrated with our collection of learning resources.

Measurable Business Impact

Track coaching engagements, satisfaction, and performance across all employees.

Executive-Quality Guidance

Every coach is ICF accredited at the ACC level or higher.

Coaching in Action

How Entrada Therapeutics fosters a growth oriented culture with the help of Skillsoft Coaching

Who are our coaches?

More than 350 executive coaches speaking multiple languages and spanning six continents

How Leadership Coaching Works

Adobe Provides Leadership Coaching at Scale

"Skillsoft Coaching is a great partner to Adobe and has enabled us to expand high-quality coaching across multiple levels of leaders with great results."

Danielle Clark, Sr. Director of Global Talent, Adobe

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