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Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Compliance Training

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Skillsoft can help create healthy and safe work environments that protect both an organization and its people

Skillsoft Compliance Solutions provide environmental, health, and safety compliance training courses to help address regulations and safeguard both organizations and their employees from harm.

Environmental, Health & Safety (ESH) Compliance Library

We help employees at all levels of an organization understand the potential risks relevant to their work environment so they can recognize the critical hazards that can threaten their health and safety.

We ensure our Safety and Health content remains up-to-date, relevant, and in pace with the ever-changing landscape of safety topics by partnering with industry experts who guide our content development plans as well as ensure accuracy. We select knowledgable and certified experts with many years of experience in workplace safety.

Our courses are developed to help you:

  • Address key risk areas relevant to hazards your employees may encounter in their work environments
  • Administer corporate safety standards to employees across all locations
  • Keep training relevant and consistent
  • Deploy training that is fast paced, engaging, interactive, and available in multiple languages
  • Provide training that is easily accessible for those hard-to-train locations

Course library includes:

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Training is at the heart of changing behaviors and creating safe and ethical workplaces. Request a demo to learn more about how Skillsoft Compliance Solutions can help your organization.