EHS Training: Environmental, Health, and Safety Compliance

Protect your organization and your employees with online EHS compliance training courses that reflect your safety culture.

Improve your organization’s safety mindset with EHS compliance training

Skillsoft offers 1,000+ EHS compliance training courses that empower your employees to make decisions reflective of your organization’s rules, regulations, and policies. We’ll help you turn safety into a mindset, not a mandate.


Skillsoft works with experienced industry and subject matter experts to ensure our content remains up-to-date, relevant, and in-sync with emerging compliance developments.


We’ll help you to fully customize or configure your course content, including documents, non-instructional videos, and custom text.


Our courses are developed based on brain science research to better engage learners and accelerate an ethical, safe, and healthy workplace.

Customize EHS Compliance Courses

True compliance means the ability to be flexible. So, we’ve made it easy for you to adapt our online safety training courses for specific audiences within your organization.

8 Things You May Be Overlooking In Your Workplace Safety Program

When an organization commits to a culture of safety, they commit to employees’ health, safe conduct of operations, and the reduction of accidents and work-related illnesses.

Does your workplace EHS program deliver on this commitment?

How to get C-suite buy-in for your workplace EHS safety program

COVID-19 has elevated the importance of workplace safety initiatives – providing compliance professionals with unprecedented access to the C-suite. But now that we have their attention, what will we do with it?


When an organization invests in an effective workplace EHS training program, it improves its productivity and operational costs decrease. There are millions of dollars to be saved by investing in appropriate workplace safety training.

Is your safety training program helping you to maximize profit?


  • Prevent avoidable incidents
  • Encourage employees to respect policies
  • Maximize profits and minimize losses
  • Improve financial performance
  • Map your EHS training courses to OSHA compliance
  • Protect your team

Keep Workplace Safety Top-Of-Mind

EHS Safety Training FAQs

Our compliance training can help you to
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