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Start or continue your journey in Data / ML / AI. Skillsoft has the courses to grow your, or your team's, expertise in fields such as Data for Decision-makers and Leaders, Essential Math for Data Science, Data Visualization Mastery and more. Explore our courses and unleash your edge.

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14 Channels


AI Apprentice to AI Architect
  • 11
The popularity of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing at a very fast pace. Industries are implementing AI ...


Business Analyst to Data Analyst
  • 8
Data Analysts interpret data and turn it into information that drives business decisions. This journey will ...


Data Analysis with R
  • 5
R programming language is widely used for statistical analysis and modelling and data mining. In this Skillsoft ...


Data Analyst to Data Scientist
  • 26
This Skillsoft Aspire journey will first provide a foundation of data architecture, statistics, and data ...


Data Analytics with Snowflake
  • 3
In the Data Analytics with Snowflake journey, you will explore Snowflake, how to set up Snowflake, execute ...


Data for Decision-makers and Leaders
  • 5
The Data for Decision-makers and Leaders journey is designed to raise the awareness of managers, leaders, and ...


Data Infrastructure with Apache Cassandra
  • 1
In the Data Infrastructure with Apache Cassandra journey, you will explore Apache Cassandra, create Cassandra ...


Data Infrastructure with Apache Kafka
  • 1
In the Data Infrastructure with Apache Kafka journey, you will explore Apache Kafka, Integrate Kafka with ...


Data Visualization Mastery
  • 7
Data Visualizations play a key role in helping companies make data driven decisions. This Skillsoft Aspire ...


Essential Math for Data Science
  • 11
Mathematics form the foundation for Machine Learning algorithms and Data Science, necessary for working and ...


Graph Analytics
  • 3
Graph Analytics journey is designed to make data professionals proficient in the latest graph technologies. It ...


ML Programmer to ML Architect
  • 25
Machine Learning Architects interpret real-time analysis of data to automate and increase efficiency across all ...


Natural Language Processing
  • 6
Natural Language Processing Proficiency journey unfolds the foundations, concepts and advancements of Deep ...


Predictive Analytics Journey
  • 17
While data is one of the most valuable assets of an organization, predictive analytics has become the most ...
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