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Automated Testing with Selenium
  • 17
In this Aspire proficiency journey, we will take a deep dive in using Selenium for automated testing. After ...


Building Advanced Docker Skills
  • 7
Welcome to the Building Advanced Docker Skills Aspire Journey. For this journey, we assume that the learner is ...


Building Advanced Kubernetes Skills
  • 7
Welcome to the Building Advanced Kubernetes Skills journey. For this journey, we assume that the learner is ...


Core DevOps Skills
  • 9
Building DevOps Skills upskills learners to multiple modern DevOps practices for both clouds and more ...


DevOps Engineer to Cloud Architect
  • 10
Are you a DevOps Engineer looking to transition in a cloud computing role? In this Skillsoft Aspire Journey, ...


Enterprise Developer to DevOps Engineer
  • 10
The primary goal of DevOps is to overcome the limitations of traditional enterprise development by bridging the ...


Enterprise Developer to Full Stack Developer
  • 8
Full Stack Development is essentially the convergence of a variety of tools and technologies, coupled with an ...


Performance Engineering Journey
  • 3
With rapid advancements in technologies to meet changing customer expectations, developing a successful ...


Serverless Deployments for Developers
  • 8
In a nutshell, serverless computing is cloud computing directed primarily at software developers. During this ...


Software Tester to DevOps Automated Tester
  • 7
Before new software can be released, it must go through testing to find and fix any possible bugs. Testing used ...




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