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By Heide Abelli

Consider this – by 2025 Millennials will comprise 75% of the workforce, 45% of whom state that they receive no formal leadership development.

As alarming as this statistic is, it tells only part of the story. The unprecedented changes in today’s digital economy mean organizations need to re-think their leadership development approaches. Thanks to the emergence and popularity of mission-based teams, employees can no longer predict when they will experience their first leadership opportunity. It may come while leading a critical project, or as part of a high-profile product innovation team. This means organizations need to develop their leaders from a deeper and broader pool than ever before.

While at first this may seem overwhelming, the good news is that in fact this is a challenge that can be addressed.

As the global leader in corporate learning, we have seized the moment to develop an innovative new leadership development solution.  This solution applies to today’s and tomorrow’s workforce and is truly differentiated in its instructional strategy, as well as being highly impactful, scalable, and cost-effective.

Today, we announced our new Skillsoft Leadership Development Program, designed to provide an engaging experience for the modern, digital learner. The high-definition, video-based course content in this collection covers 20 of today’s most critical leadership competencies, with an additional 10 competencies planned for development in 2018. Courses contain up to 60 minutes of scenario-rich video-based instruction, further broken into 5-8 minute single-concept segments to support micro-learning.

This solution is so powerful and effective, because we designed it using the latest in adult learning science.  As part of this learning strategy, we use a common set of characters throughout the curriculum, including a “leader mentor” to model the critical human-interaction elements of leadership. Then we demonstrate how to implement strategies within a team context effectively. This allows learners to tie learning to real-world, on-the-job leadership behaviors.

We broke the content into efficient micro-learning chunks, giving learners the opportunity to focus on specific topics and problems, and also to facilitate spacing and repeated retrieval for maximum retention. The goal here is to provide learners who are developing their leadership acumen small doses of information that is easy to understand and implement right away, but also memorable enough to be recalled over time for real change in their leadership practices.

We’ve also included a wide array of tools and application resources, including reflection questions, knowledge checks, post-course assessments, facilitation guides, and leader-led activities and exercises.  Close to 800 carefully curated video-based assets, books, book summaries, and expert-authored content further extend the learning opportunities, with new assets curated into the offering every week, keeping the learning fresh and current.

And it’s accessible anytime, anywhere, to anyone, on any device.

This new Skillsoft Leadership Development Program will help your organization democratize leadership development and prepare your leaders at all levels to to harness and drive innovation in today’s digital workplace. To learn more, read our press release, eBook, and watch an example of the course content.

Heide Abelli is the SVP, Content Product Management at Skillsoft.

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