More Time for You: A Powerful System to Organize Your Work and Get Things Done

  • 3h 24m
  • Alesia Latson, Rosemary Tator
  • 2011

Why does it seem like no matter how you try to organize your work and your life, you never get less busy? Why are so many "time savers" really just time drains? And most important, what can you do about it? More Time for You is the answer.

This potentially life-changing book spells out a proven and powerful system to help you get and stay organized, prioritize responsibilities, get things done faster, and have more time away from the phone, e-mail, office, paperwork-whatever it is that's interfering with your productivity and your life. Written to help you make the most of productivity enhancers you probably already have, More Time for You will show you how to:

  • Set up a calendar management system using Microsoft Outlook or similar applications
  • "Triage" your e-mail to maintain an empty mailbox
  • Abandon strategies that don't work, including the impossible "multitasking"
  • Handle (and even eliminate) distractions
  • Take full advantage of cell phones, smart phones, and other handhelds
  • Maximize the power (and minimize the time sink) of social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Banish that nagging feeling that something is slipping through the cracks
  • Make better decisions based on quantifiable priorities

Add to your everyday technologies the tips, examples, screen-shots, and real-life scenarios in More Time for You, and you've got everything you need to streamline your work-starting now!

About the Authors

ROSEMARY TATOR (Dover, NH), as Principal Partner of 2beffective LLC, helps clients increase effectiveness while reducing stress.

ALESIA LATSON (Sharon, MA) as Principal of the Latson Leadership Group, helps executives at all levels to expand their management and leadership effectiveness.

In this Book

  • More Time For You—A Powerful System to Organize Your Work and Get Things Done
  • Introduction
  • Time and Effectiveness
  • Three Coping Strategies that Don’t Work
  • Time and You
  • Being Clear About What Is Important
  • Creating Your Life
  • Capturing Your Thoughts
  • Designing Your Days
  • Dreams Come True When You Plan
  • Managing E-Mail
  • Reducing E-Mail Volume
  • Back on the Triage Wagon
  • Social Media Is Here to Stay
  • Relaunching Your Created Life
  • Parting Words
  • Implementation Action Plan
  • Additional Techniques for Managing Calendar and E-Mail Systems
  • Notes