.NET MAUI in Action

  • 7h 28m
  • Matt Goldman
  • Manning Publications
  • 2023

Build cross-platform apps with .NET MAUI! This exciting new technology helps you create mobile and desktop apps using a common set of .NET tools.

In .NET MAUI in Action you will learn how to:

  • Set up your environment for cross-platform development
  • Write an interactive UI in XAML using out-of-the-box controls
  • Apply the MVVM pattern to build maintainable code
  • Extend your control library with custom controls
  • Structure your app using common navigation paradigms
  • Use common device features like GPS
  • Use DevOps tools to automate deployment and testing

.NET MAUI in Action shows you how you can use the cutting-edge MAUI framework to write apps that will run on Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS platforms using your existing .NET development skills. This book reveals essential MAUI development techniques through hands-on example applications in every chapter. You’ll learn cross-platform development quickly as you start building your own rich apps, from to-do list apps, to a movie recommender app, and eventually a full-stack solution using enterprise architecture patterns. You’ll also learn how to use GitHub Actions to deploy robust, testable, and maintainable apps; and how to deliver a consistent look and feel across platforms. Throughout, you’ll use the built-in controls of .NET MAUI and learn how to develop your own custom solutions.

about the technology

Write your app once and deploy it on mobile, desktop, web, and cloud with .NET MAUI. This powerful multi-platform App UI framework saves time and money by eliminating tedious platform-specific rewrites. You just define your project in straightforward XAML markup and C#, and MAUI generates the native applications for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.

about the book

.NET MAUI in Action teaches you how to build cross-platform applications using the .NET MAUI framework. You’ll explore compelling examples while you work your way up from “Aloha World” to a full-stack enterprise solution. Along the way, you’ll master the MVVM pattern and other essentials of mobile UI development. This practical book is perfect for .NET developers who have never created mobile apps.

About the Author

Matt Goldman is a Solution Architect at SSW, a regular speaker at user groups and conferences, and maintains open source libraries for use in .NET MAUI apps.

In this Book

  • Front Matter
  • Introducing .NET MAUI
  • Building a .NET MAUI App
  • Making .NET MAUI Apps Interactive
  • Controls
  • Layouts
  • Advanced Layout Concepts
  • Pages and Navigation
  • Enterprise App Development
  • The MVVM Pattern
  • Styles, Themes, and Multiplatform Layouts
  • Beyond the Basics: Custom Controls
  • Deploying Apps to Production with GitHub Actions