Organizational Culture and Behavioral Shifts in the Green Economy

  • 6h 15m
  • Violeta Sima
  • IGI Global
  • 2018

Business development in the contemporary world takes place in an economically, politically, and socially complex environment. Today, it is necessary to recognize the tremendous cultural diversity of the world and it is essential to consider the specific cultural values in managerial strategy and business practice worldwide.

Organizational Culture and Behavioral Shifts in the Green Economy provides emerging research on the relationships between organizations in the context of culture and diversity within a sustainable economy. This book provides important insights into topics such as circular economy, green advertising, and sustainable development. Additionally, it addresses the significance of concepts such as culture, organizational culture, individual culture, and the style of leadership, which have been the concern of many management professionals and scholars. This publication is a vital resource for business managers, professionals, practitioners, students, and researchers seeking current research on the impact of organizational culture and behavioral shifts on sustaining a green economy.

In this Book

  • Ecological Responsibility and Sustainable Development as Preconditions for Development of the Concept of Circular Economy
  • Valuing Sustainability: How National Culture Influences Attributions Towards Green Advertising
  • Effect of Greenwashing Advertisements on Organizational Image
  • Advertising and Organization's Green Behavior
  • Organisational Culture: An Essential Factor for Increasing the Competitiveness of Companies
  • Organic Markets, Participatory Guarantee Systems, and Community-Supported Agriculture for Sustainable Food Communities
  • Approaches on Trends, Constraints, and Transformations of Romanian Organic Agrifood Market
  • The Evolution of the Feed Industry Towards its "Sustainabilization"
  • Partnership of Rural Tourism and Organic Farming to Achieve Goals of Green Economy: Rural Tourism and Organic Farming
  • The Role of the Educational System in Promoting Local Culture within Rural Areas in Romania