Yammer: Collaborate, Connect, and Share

  • 2h 43m
  • Charles Waghmare
  • Apress
  • 2018

Build a successful Yammer implementation, make your workplace social and collaborative, create a culture of sharing, form expert communities and generate innovative solutions. Besides, this book will help to enhance your collaboration your suppliers, partners, and clients.

The author starts by giving an introduction to social collaborations and successful implementations of Yammer. Along the way, he explains the art of community management in Yammer using his hands-on experience of building communities. He then explains methods to keep a Yammer network engaged followed by a description of running a campaign on Yammer.

The second part of Yammer begins with ways you can engage entire organizations, including executives, on Yammer along with methods to measure the success of a Yammer network. You’ll see how to get to grips with integrating Yammer with an existing platform and how to collaborate with customers, suppliers, and partners using Yammer. Finally, you’ll learn various innovative techniques of communication using Yammer and explore the author’s vision of the next-generation Yammer platform

After reading this book you will understand how to make successful Yammer implementations, engage communities on Yammer, and accomplish business goals using Yammer.

What You Will Learn

  • Master the art of community management
  • Make your organization digital by implementing and integrating Yammer
  • Break silos and create a collaborative workforce
  • Keep Yammer groups live and full of participation
  • Improve collaboration between suppliers, partners, and clients
  • Measure the success of your Yammer network
  • Increase employee engagement on Yammer

Who This Book Is For

Yammer adoption managers, community managers, customer success managers, and Yammer group admins.

About the Author

Charles David Waghmare worked as Global Yammer Community Manager from 2011 until mid-2018 with Capgemini and previously, he was Community Manager of SAP-based communities at ATOS where he managed communities using TechnoWeb 2.0 – a Yammer-like platform. The Capgemini Yammer network, one of the largest Yammer networks, was moderated by Charles to make Yammer a wonderful experience for each Capgemini user. In short, to make Capgemini collaborate, connect, and share on business-related activities.

Charles had some incredible opportunities to travel with Yammer, in Paris, Amsterdam, Atlanta, Shenzhen and San Francisco to connect with Yammer customers and teams. He was awarded “Most Engaging” by Yammer Customer Network members in 2012. He is also Yammer Community Management Certificated.

In this Book

  • What Is Social Collaboration?
  • The Art of Community Management
  • Ways to Keep Your Network Engaged
  • Run Campaigns Using Yammer
  • How Can an Organization Remain Engaged on Yammer?
  • Measure the Success of Your Yammer Network
  • Integrate Yammer with Existing Platforms
  • Digital Transformation with Yammer
  • Collaborate with Your Clients, Suppliers, and Partners
  • Next-Generation Yammer