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Oracle ATG Web Commerce is an e-commerce solution for building and deploying applications for the web. Discover the Oracle ATG Web Commerce platform.


Commerce Platform Overview

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Commerce Platform Overview
The Oracle Commerce Platform is a customizable framework for building e-commerce web sites. Discover the features and capabilities of the Oracle Commerce Platform.
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Standard & Custom Components
Since the Oracle Commerce Platform consists of such a broad range of technologies, understanding its application structure and deployment is essential for any developer. Explore the components of the Oracle Commerce Platform.
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DSP Tag Library
The Oracle Commerce Platform includes the DSP tag library, which lets you work with components and dynamic elements in your JSPs. Examine the DSP tag library, including how to import components and pass parameters.
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Dynamo Servlet Beans & Server-side Java
The Oracle Commerce Platform contains robust tools used to create rich web applications. Explore the custom beans of the Oracle Commerce Platform, and discover how to create server-side Java application modules.
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Repository Architecture
Understanding the Oracle Commerce Platform's custom libraries and JSP usage is essential for any developer. Explore the repository structure, and discover how to configure the repository.
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Data Models
The Oracle Commerce Platform consists of a data and presentation layer, and understanding data relationships is a fundamental skill for any developer. Explore the data relationships in the Oracle Commerce Platform, and create data sources.
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Forms Handlers & JSP
Forms are used in many web applications to gather information from users. Explore Oracle Commerce forms, form handling mechanisms, and writing robust JSP.
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Repository API & Derived Properties
The Oracle Commerce Platform contains a robust repository API. Learn how to implement transient (non-persisted) properties and apply rules to override a property's value derivation.
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Versioned and Hierarchal Repositories & Caching
Understanding how to use Java to programmatically manipulate repository data is a must for any serious application. Discover how to configure versioned repositories and consider their use in support of Commerce Platform functionality.
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Core Commerce
Oracle Commerce comes with commerce-specific repositories as well as Core Platform repositories extended for commerce. Discover core commerce concepts, from flexible catalogs to item types and properties.
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Product Catalog & Profiles
Knowing the structure of commerce catalogs and catalog-related objects is essential to design and build Oracle Commerce applications. Examine product catalog and profiles, from item types and subtyping to the Profile Form Handler.
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Form Handlers & Pipeline Architecture
There are many ways to extend the functionality of Oracle Commerce. Discover how to extend the platform repository form handlers to support customized functionality and control transaction boundaries programmatically.
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REST Web Services & Beans
Knowing when and how to extend the repository form handlers is essential to support custom requirements. Examine REST web services and Beans, including actor configuration, Bean filtering, and access control.
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Custom Properties & User Directory
Oracle Commerce applications are robust and highly configurable. Discover how to add additional logic to manipulate properties, and create and use new principals in the Oracle Commerce User Directory.
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Transactions & Application Building
Advanced concepts, such as transaction management, can be applied to build rich and scalable web applications. Discover transaction management, and apply your Oracle Commerce knowledge to build working applications.
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Extending Oracle Commerce Applications
To master Oracle Commerce, it's important to know how to extend application capabilities. Discover how to create and configure a SQL repository and perform other essential tasks for extending Oracle Commerce applications.
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