Analyzing Data with Tables & Charts in Google Sheets 2020

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Analyze data efficiently using the built-in features of Google Sheets. In this course, you will discover how to analyze your data with pivot tables and charts. Learn how to work with pivot tables, including formatting, sorting, filtering, adding calculated fields, and copying and exporting pivot tables. Another alternative to visually display your data is to use the built-in chart features in Google Sheets. Learn how to create and insert charts in your document.


  • create a pivot table to analyze your data
    add, edit and customize data values in a pivot table
    sort and filter values in a pivot table
    add, edit and customize a calculated field in a pivot table
    copy and download a pivot table
  • use suggestions to create charts and pivot charts
    insert a chart
    customize a chart
    customize a chart's axes


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    1.  Analyzing your data with a pivot table in Google Sheets 2020
    4m 51s
    Once you have inserted a certain amount of data into your document, you may find it useful to reorganize your table to analyze it differently. This video will show you how to create a pivot table, which can be used to… FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Developing your pivot table in Google Sheets 2020
    5m 24s
    Once you have created your pivot table, you will find that you can develop it and change the ways that it analyzes your data. In this video, you will find out how to add values to your Google Sheets' pivot table,… FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Sorting & filtering a pivot table in Google Sheets 2020
    4m 8s
    A pivot table report is an interactive table that allows you to interpret data in different ways without ever having to enter a formula. You can summarize and analyze a large set of data through different categorizations… FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Adding calculated fields to your pivot table in Google Sheets 2020
    4m 8s
    Google Sheets allows you to add calculated fields to your pivot tables so that you can apply formulas to the data contained within them. Learn how to add a calculated field to your pivot table. You will also see how to… FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Copying & exporting your pivot table in Google Sheets 2020
    5m 5s
    There are a number of ways of sharing your Google Sheets' pivot table. You can copy or move your table within your worksheet or to another spreadsheet. This video will show you everything you need to know to share the… FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Creating a quick chart in Google Sheets 2020
    4m 4s
    The new Insights tool in Google Sheets allows you to create charts automatically using the data which has been entered into your spreadsheet. These charts can then be customized in order to present the data in a clear and… FREE ACCESS
  • Locked
    7.  Inserting a chart in Google Sheets 2020
    4m 3s
    If you want to present your data in an illustrated form, you can use the chart function in Google Sheets. This tutorial will show you how to select the data you want included in the chart, and the different graphic styles… FREE ACCESS
  • Locked
    8.  Customizing your chart in Google Sheets 2020
    5m 32s
    Once you have inserted your chart, you can customize it in different ways. Here you will see out how to change the style of a chart, add a title, and also how to adjust the color and format of series and legends. FREE ACCESS
  • Locked
    9.  Customizing your chart's axes in Google Sheets 2020
    5m 52s
    The axes of a chart give us a lot of information. They display units of measurement as well as minimum and maximum values. Google Sheets allows for the customization of your axes, which can increase the aesthetics as well… FREE ACCESS


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