ENSLD: Advanced Design Principles

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We all want high availability in our networks, but what does this really mean? What technologies and techniques can bring high availability to the enterprise? In this course, you'll learn about high availability and some of the tried and true techniques that make it a reality. You'll explore the powerful Layer 2 feature Bidirectional Forwarding Detection along with its key design principles. Next, you'll examine many aspects of designing a successful Layer 2 infrastructure in your enterprise, including important design decisions. You'll learn about the design of the most critical parts of the SD-Access solution, the network underlay and overlay. Finally, you'll explore the complexities of an SD-Access solution and how to ensure components are designed and implemented properly for an SD-Access deployment. This course can be used in preparation for the 300-420: Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks (ENSLD) certification exam.


  • recognize the First Hop Redundancy Protocol (FHRP) and the technologies that power HA
    recognize the use of Graceful Restart and Nonstop Routing
    recognize the ability to abstract networks virtually in the overlay and handle the physical layer in the underlay
    describe Bidirectional Forwarding Detection and its configuration prerequisites
    work with the number of logical ports in use on a Cisco device
    recognizing scalability issues and concerns for STP
  • recognize logical port limits for scalability in layer 2 infrastructure
    identify the critical components of a Cisco SD-Access solution
    recognize key SD-Access terms and components
    recognize maximum limits for scalability when using DNA Center
    install DNAC for HA in an SD-Access deployment



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