Java Database Connectivity (JDBC): Joining & Filtering Data with RowSets

Java JDK 8+    |    Intermediate
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A CachedRowSet is a Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) RowSet where the rows are cached, and the RowSet is disconnected (i.e., doesn't maintain an active connection to the database). CachedRowSets allow you to work on data without keeping your database connection open all the time. This course will help you get acquainted with specialized implementations of the CachedRowSet - the JoinRowSet and FilteredRowSet - which enable offline joins and data filtering. Discover how to implement join operations using a JoinRowSet and examine the use of a FilteredRowSet in implementing the equivalent of the WHERE clause in a SQL query. You will also explore the use of predicate class in order to achieve this. Upon completion of this course, you'll be able to carry out join and filter operations within a Java program using JDBC JoinRowSets and FilteredRowSets.


  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
    create a number of related database tables, which can be joined based on common fields
    implement a join operation in a Java program using a JDBC JoinRowSet
    recognize the types of join operations that are supported by a JoinRowSet implementation
    join multiple tables involving different join fields using a JoinRowSet
  • define the filtering conditions to be applied to a FilteredRowSet when implementing the Predicate class
    apply a predicate instance with a FilteredRowSet to apply a filter to a RowSet
    configure a predicate implementation to use multiple conditions when defining a filter
    summarize the key concepts covered in this course


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    1.  Course Overview
    2m 12s
  • Playable
    2.  Creating Tables for Join Operations
    8m 13s
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    3.  Joining Tables with a JDBC JoinRowSet
    10m 10s
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    4.  Exploring Join Types in a JoinRowSet
    8m 24s
  • Locked
    5.  Joining Three Tables with a JoinRowSet
    9m 55s
  • Locked
    6.  Defining a Filter with a Predicate
    10m 13s
  • Locked
    7.  Applying a Predicate on a FilteredRowSet
    7m 39s
  • Locked
    8.  Configuring Multiple Conditions in a FilteredRowSet
    11m 5s
  • Locked
    9.  Course Summary
    2m 1s


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