Sharing Presentations in PowerPoint 2013 for Windows

PowerPoint 2013 (Windows)    |    Intermediate
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Collaborate with others to create stunning PowerPoint presentations. Discover how to share presentations, present online, comment on documents, and more.


  • Publishing your document online
    Sending your presentation via email
    Sharing your document via OneDrive
    Sharing your document via SharePoint
  • Presenting your document online
    Commenting on a document
    Comparing two presentations


  • 5m 27s
    If you want to share your PowerPoint 2013 presentation with other users, you can publish it online using your OneDrive storage space. Once this has been done, you can create an access link which can used to visualize your presentation online via the user's internet browser. FREE ACCESS
  • 5m 59s
    If you want to share your presentation with other users, you can send it via email. PowerPoint 2013 features an integrated email function which can be used to create a new email message with the presentation file automatically attached. Your email is sent using your default email client, and you can even choose the format that your presentation is sent in. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Sharing your document via OneDrive in PowerPoint 2013 for Windows
    4m 47s
    OneDrive is a service offered by Microsoft which is used to store files online. It is associated with your Microsoft account (such as Live, Xbox and Outlook) and can be used to access your documents from any location with an internet connection. This service can be accessed directly via PowerPoint 2013. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Sharing your document via SharePoint in PowerPoint 2013 for Windows
    5m 40s
    Office 365 users can access their office applications and documents online via the Office 365 portal, which is available from any device with an internet connection. Your Office 365 SharePoint space is accessible in PowerPoint 2013. This is very useful if you want to share a presentation with other colleagues in your workplace. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Presenting your document online in PowerPoint 2013 for Windows
    5m 20s
    PowerPoint 2013 can be used to deliver your slide show online. Once the presentation mode has been activated, you can share a viewing link with other users, who will then be able to visualize your presentation in their internet browser. It is even possible to make changes while your online presentation is active. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Commenting on a document in PowerPoint 2013 for Windows
    5m 56s
    If there are multiple individuals working on the same presentation in PowerPoint 2013, you can communicate with one another via the comments function. Users can also leave replies to different comment threads. Once the comments are no longer required, it is even possible to delete them. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Comparing two presentations in PowerPoint 2013 for Windows
    6m 9s
    If you have multiple versions of a presentation, you can use the PowerPoint 2013 compare function to visualize exactly how your two files differ. You can cycle through each change that has been made and choose to accept it or reject it. Once you have finished, you can save your revised presentation as a new file. FREE ACCESS


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