Software Product Management: Measuring Progress & Productivity

Software Product Managemet    |    Beginner
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You won't know how successful your software product development initiatives are if you don't measure your progress and productivity. In this course, learn about the benefits of applying Agile metrics to help development teams track success. Review key metrics principles you can adopt and best practices for sound measurement. Explore key measurement techniques - including the sprint burndown and cumulative techniques - and how they can be used to help you gain valuable insight into your initiatives. Learn the importance of measuring lead and cycle time, and how control charts can help teams visualize key metrics. After course completion, you'll be able to recognize best practices for measuring success when developing software products.


  • Discover the key concepts covered in this course
    Describe the value and purpose of agile metrics for measuring software product development
    List the key benefits of measuring and tracking metrics in software development
    Recognize key principles to follow when using metrics for measuring software product development
    Recognize the key characteristics of the sprint burndown technique
    Identify the key purpose of using a cumulative flow diagram
    Describe the purpose of measuring lead time and cycle time
  • Identify how control charts can be used to visualize key metrics
    Describe the purpose and importance of measuring throughput
    Recognize the purpose of measuring escaped defects
    Describe the value of measuring failed deployments
    Recognize the importance of measuring a net promoter score (nps) and what it means
    Summarize the key concepts covered in this course


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    3.  The Benefits of Tracking Metrics
    5m 7s
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    4.  Principles of Using Metrics for Product Development
    6m 31s
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    5.  The Sprint Burndown Technique
    7m 21s
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    6.  The Cumulative Flow Diagram Technique
    4m 23s
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    7.  Lead Time and Cycle Time Measurement
    6m 3s
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    8.  The Control Chart Technique
    5m 15s
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    9.  The Throughput Technique
    5m 51s
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    10.  Escaped Defects Metrics
    5m 44s
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    11.  Failed Deployments Measurement
    4m 25s
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    12.  The Importance of Net Promoter Scores
    7m 52s
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    13.  Course Summary


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