Excel Office 365

What you will learn

Discover Excel Office 365 and its many capabilities including creating spreadsheets, cell formatting, sorting, filtering, pivot tables, and more. Dig deeper into the application to unleash the full power of formulas, macros, and data analysis within Excel Office 365.


Excel Office 365: Using Basic Formulas

Course | 40m 6s

Conditional formulas let you perform a calculation on a range of values by specifying the criteria the data must meet. Discover how to use built-in conditional formulas and create your own.

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Excel Office 365: Finding & Grouping Data

Course | 37m 13s

Excel for Office 365 includes a number of methods for locating, displaying and manipulating data entries. Learn how to work with specific data using the Find and Replace tools, and manipulate data with the Group and Outline tools.

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Excel Office 365: Creating & Editing Macros

Course | 47m 18s

In Excel for Office 365 you can use the Visual Basic Editor to create and manage your macros. It's important to identify the key objects in your macro in order to start writing code for your Excel document.

In this course you will see how to insert procedures and start writing code. You will also see how to use objects and even create events to interact with those objects. Once you start writing code it's important to know how to identify and correct errors found in your code.

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