Tableau 10

What you will learn

Explore Tableau 10's business intelligence-driven interactive data visualization software. Learn how Tableau 10 can create data dashboards, query databases, and empower your enterprise's data analysis with in-depth data visualization capabilities.


Tableau 10: Interface & Sharing

Course | 37m 40s

Tableau is a data visualization software that connects easily to nearly any data source, transforming data into appealing visualizations called dashboards. Examine the interface, and discover how to share visualizations.

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Tableau 10: Visualization Design

Course | 1h 31m 17s

Tableau transforms data into interactive visualizations with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, allowing users to clearly and efficiently comprehend data. Explore the various techniques used in visualization design in Tableau.

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Tableau 10: Charts

Course | 40m 58s

Tableau charts help you visualize your data to show trends and offer important insight into your data. Examine some of the popular Tableau chart types, including bar, area, pie, and bubble charts.

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