Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment

What you will learn

Explore the concepts of continuous delivery and continuous integration, key principles and tools for implementing them, and the differences between continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment. Sign up for free access today and sample 7,151 courses, 110+ Practice Labs, and 10+ live online bootcamps across 67 subjects.


CI/CD Implementation for DevOps

Course | 1h 28m 18s

Explore the role of CI/CD in implementing DevOps, the differences between CI and CD, the key principles of deployment pipelines, the essential pillars and phases of continuous integration, as well as the concept of Blue Ocean and the differences between Red and Blue Ocean strategies. Discover how to set up deployment pipelines with BitBucket and set up tools and implement continuous integration with Atlassian tools and Jenkins. Examine how to work with Jenkins Workflow and Jenkins DSL to integrate with other tools, jobs, and environments. How to implement CI/CD pipelines using GitLab, work with Jenkins to build simple Node.js and React applications, set up Blue Ocean in Jenkins, and create pipeline projects in Jenkins is also covered.

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LAB: Software Tester

Practice Lab | 8h

Practice Software Tester tasks such as working with a testing pipeline, using DevOps code promotion, and using various testing tools. Then, challenge yourself by exploring test automation and continuous integration, working with virtualization and setting up test environments, and configuring testing topologies.

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Full Stack Developer CI/CD

Course | 1h 29m 41s

Discover FSD continuous integration and deployment and their importance. Examine some of the best practices of FSD continuous integration along with common mistakes. In addition, explore the relationship between automated testing and continuous integration, elements of the CI/CD pipeline and the steps to implement it, and continuous integration tools.

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