Data Wrangling with Python

What you will learn

Data Science has become the de facto field in computational and predictive statistical analysis and Python has become an indispensable tool to enable this. Explore the use of key tools and libraries used by python for cleaning and wrangling data. Sign up for free access today and sample 7,151 courses, 110+ Practice Labs, and 10+ live online bootcamps across 67 subjects.


Python - Using Pandas to Work with Series & DataFrames

Course | 1h 11m 29s

Python has become the preferred programming language for data science. In this course, you will discover how to perform data transformations, data cleaning, and statistical aggregations using Pandas DataFrames.

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Python - Using Pandas for Visualizations and Time-Series Data

Course | 1h 28m 51s

In this course, you will visualize and explore data in Pandas using popular chart types like the bar graph, histogram, pie chart, and box plot. Discover how to work with time series and string data in datasets.

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LAB: Data Wrangling with Python

Practice Lab | 8h

Perform data wrangling tasks including using a Pandas DataFrame to convert multiple Excel sheets to separate JSON documents, extract a table from an HTML file, use mean substitution and convert dates within a DataFrame.

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