Data Visualization with Tableau Proficiency (Advanced Level)

  • 20m
  • 20 questions
The Data Visualization with Tableau Proficiency benchmark will measure your ability to work with data, import data, create advanced visualizations and dashboards, and perform advanced analysis in Tableau. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have skills to work independently on storytelling using Tableau.

Topics covered

  • add dashboard extensions and use them in dashboard layouts
  • add interactivity to a dashboard using actions like filtering
  • assign geographic roles to fields in order to use the roles to create a map view
  • create ad-hoc calculations using existing fields
  • create groups from fields in the Data pane and use Include an Other Group to compare specific groups against every other group
  • create logical calculations to determine if certain conditions are true or false
  • create parameters and apply filtering in Tableau
  • create simple LOD expressions and use them in visualizations
  • create stories and add story points in Tableau Desktop
  • demonstrate the approach to setting default aggregation for any measure which is not a calculated field and disaggregate all measures in the view
  • demonstrate the process involved in creating density heat maps in Tableau Desktop
  • demonstrate the use of Radial, Rectangular, and Lasso selection tools
  • embed visualizations within tooltips
  • highlight data to provide description for dashboard elements
  • identify the different cloud data sources that are available
  • manually edit and troubleshoot the field relationship settings when blending data in Tableau Desktop
  • set up dual-axis charts using both number and date fields
  • use Google Maps to quickly generate directions to the points identified in a map
  • use nested table calculations in a view
  • use the formatting tools in Tableau Desktop to customize formatting options in worksheets, dashboards, stories and individual objects