2021 Women in Tech Report

Learn How to Close Organizational Gaps and Arrive at Meaningful Solutions to Empower Women in Tech

Our 2021 Women in Tech Report presents the findings of an in-depth survey of 1,100 women working in the United States, Canada, France and the United Kingdom.

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IT professionals, human resources, and industry leaders will find this report valuable as a guide to understanding the state of women in IT, their challenges, and ultimately how to develop solutions to encourage women and promote meaningful gender diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Download our 2021 Women in Tech report to dive into the following topics:

  • Key challenges of women in tech
  • The importance of employee benefits
  • Job satisfaction and security
  • Benefits of certification
  • Greatest opportunities

When Women Rise, We All Win

Infographic: 2021 Women in Tech Report Key Stats

Short on time? Read some of the key stats and highlights of the report in this infographic.

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