Five Predictions For 2021

We see a year of positive change for learners—but their leaders must act boldly

The COVID-19 pandemic transformed not only how people live and work—but also how they learn, develop skills, and grow. And while we’ve endured a year of challenges, there is a silver lining. The events of 2020 also prompted us to question norms, rethink how we’ve always done things, and speak up when needed.

As we look ahead to 2021, let’s build upon those silver linings.

In a special five-part series of Skillsoft’s podcast, The Edge, we’ve brought together five of our leaders who shared their predictions for 2021—key learning trends, challenges, and opportunities that call out for bold thinking and action.

Prediction 1:

Leaders must focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) to solve workforce disparities

In 2021, leaders must help women re-board into their organizations, after the pandemic forced so many to leave work. Skillsoft VP of Global Talent Enablement, Elisa Vincent, explains how, with insights on DEI competencies leaders will need to learn and act upon.

Prediction 2:

Workers must develop digital dexterity to thrive in a forever-transformed economy

A powerful shift to digital work, collaboration, and learning occurred in 2020—and it’s not going away. Skillsoft VP of Technology and Developer Products, Mike Hendrickson, discusses the technical and human skills workers must develop in 2021, as the pandemic’s next phase unfolds.

Prediction 3:

Organizations must foster hybrid work cultures centered on safety, security, and respect

As leaders determine how their organizations will approach remote, on-site, and hybrid work in 2021, compliance training will be crucial. Skillsoft VP of Compliance Products, Norm Ford, shares insights on how learning can enable stronger cultures in 2021.

Prediction 4:

Agile will be a core competency for success—not only for workers, but for leaders

In 2021, more industries, organizations, and professions will need to throw out pre-pandemic era playbooks and learn to thrive with Agile.
Skillsoft Chief Technology Officer, Apratim Purakayastha, explains why a digitally-transformed economy is a perfect fit for agility.

Prediction 5:

The fast-emerging “Internet of Careers” will provide an innovative marketplace for skills

Workers have something to prove; they’re building the skills to make huge contributions at work in 2021. VP and General Manager of Product and User Experience for SumTotal Systems, Debasis Dutta, describes how a blockchain-based system of digital credentials will energize workers to learn and grow.

To learn more about how work has irrevocably changed throughout 2020 and how the impacts will be carried into 2021 and beyond, read Skillsoft's Lean Into Learning report.