A Simpler Motherhood: Curating Contentment, Savoring Slow, and Making Room for What Matters Most

  • 5h 52m 13s
  • Emily Eusanio
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2022

In A Simpler Motherhood, Emily's on a mission to remove stress from the lives of moms and busy families seeking less stuff and more joy in their daily life.

Filled with tips for moms for easy yet powerful lifestyle changes. Emily's approach makes minimalism for moms stress-free and achievable, and helps to simplify parenting. Learn to declutter your mind and home on this fun journey to living and parenting with more purpose and joy, and less stress!

Intentional living made simple and stress-free. A Simpler Motherhood reveals tangible ways for mothers everywhere to simplify parenting. Discover simple tips for moms, actionable suggestions, and tailored solutions to declutter each aspect of motherhood.

Accessible minimalism for moms. A Simpler Motherhood makes minimalism for moms attainable, affordable, and stress-free for even the busiest or messiest of moms.


  • Discover how to simplify parenting in a more stress-free way, without guilt or "systems"
  • Create a stronger marriage through communication, intentional planning, and a commitment to less

About the Author

Emily Eusanio, better known to her loyal followers as The Simplified Mom, is a part-time blogger and full-time mom of four children under seven who seeks to help mothers everywhere rediscover the joys of motherhood. With a bachelor's degree in journalism and a master's degree in psychology, Emily has always pursued ways to help others discover how to lead happier, better lives. After creating her first blog on Instagram, @the.simplified.mom, just one year ago and quickly growing her audience to more than 34,000 followers, she's found a passion for helping women like her discover the true joys of simpler living every day.

With a quickly growing audience of engaged followers, Emily's blog on Instagram, @the.simplified.mom, has attracted mothers everywhere with her inspiring daily posts on simpler motherhood. Whether it be a way to declutter and simplify your kitchen cabinets, easier ways to meal plan and stay on a budget, or just a reminder that motherhood is meant to be lived, not hurried through, Emily's daily posts attract an average of more than 10,000 daily views. With previous experience in marketing and advertising, and a solid understanding of social media marketing, her blog serves as a strong platform to promote the joys of living with less to mothers everywhere on an daily basis.

Emily has partnered in the past with several well-known brands to promote their products and gain a growing audience. Her posts have been featured on the social media accounts of top companies such as Pyrex, Thermos, Chicco, Day Designer, Branch Basics, Full Circle, Ruggable, LoveEvery, and Magnatiles. Emily has been featured by The Spruce as one of the 11 Best Instagram Accounts For Minimalists (5/2020) and has conducted interviews for well-established podcasts, including The Minimalist Moms Podcast, hosted by Diane Boden, and The Everyday Motherhood Podcast, hosted by Christy Thomas.

With her experience in counseling and a strong passion for simplifying, Emily is able to relate to her readers daily with real-life, relatable scenarios, and simple, easy ways to squeeze more joy from motherhood and slow down enough to enjoy the everyday. As a reformed over-shopping, under-budgeting, list-making, onto-bigger-and-better first-time mom, Emily has seen the stresses and sadness of a motherhood with too much everything. By decluttering every aspect of her life, removing the extra, and stripping things down to just the essentials, Emily rebuilt her motherhood from the ground up, finding ways to find joy in the everyday while living with less, staying under budget, slowing down her commitments, and learning to become more present in the moment. Through her own learning, she was able to find systems, routines, and rhythms that worked to maintain a life and a home while also granting her more space—and she is ready to share that knowledge with mothers everywhere so that they can find the same in their own lives.

In this Audiobook

  • INTRODUCTION: My Simple Story
  • Chapter 1 - A Simpler Start
  • Chapter 2 - A Simpler Schedule
  • Chapter 3 - Simpler Spaces
  • Chapter 4 - Simpler Spending
  • Chapter 5 - A Simpler Kitchen
  • Chapter 6 - Simpler Shopping
  • Chapter 7 - A Simpler Home
  • Chapter 8 - A Simpler Wardrobe
  • Chapter 9 - Simpler Self-Care
  • Chapter 10 - Simpler Seasons
  • Chapter 11 - Simpler Storage
  • Chapter 12 - Simpler Boundaries
  • Chapter 13 - Simpler Parenting
  • Chapter 14 - Writing Your Own Simple Story
  • CONCLUSION: Let the Journey Begin