Ace It!: How Sales Champions Win New Business

  • 7h 7m 40s
  • Bernie Weiss
  • Gildan Media
  • 2021

Looking for a competitive advantage that will set you apart from your colleagues and competition and take your sales game to the next level? Learn how sales champions win new business. Learn how they Ace It!

With increased technological disruption and competitive pressure straining even the most established client relationships, generating new business revenue is more important than ever. Unfortunately, many salespeople are ill-equipped to make the vital transition from a more reactive account management style to a mindset that puts acquiring new customers at the center of their sales success.

In Ace It!, iHeartMedia New York president Bernie Weiss provides a practical and accessible ten-step approach to selling that covers the whole sales journey, from finding prospects all the way to the start of new, and hopefully long-term, client relationships.

Whether you’re a sales novice who has recently switched careers, a recent college graduate just starting a sales job, a sales veteran in need of a boost to jumpstart a plateaued career, or a sales manager looking for an accessible guide to help train new hires to produce significant new revenue quickly, Weiss’s book gives you the tools you need to sell more and sell better.

Filled with proven, real-world techniques and scripts easily applied to any real-world sales situation, Ace It! shows you how to become a new business star who consistently beats budget even in today’s challenging and fast-changing marketplace.

In this Audiobook

  • 1. Are You All in?
  • 2. The Right Prospecting Philosophy
  • 3. All Glory Comes from Daring to Begin
  • 4. Creating Qualified Lead Lists
  • 5. Developing Your Prospecting System
  • 6. Setting up Face-to-Face Meetings
  • 7. The Three Cold-Calling Success Factors
  • 8. The Moment of Truth
  • 9. Maximizing Email Conversion Rates
  • 10. Perfecting LinkedIn Messages
  • 11. Other Ways to Get in the Door
  • 12. Navigating Four Possible Call Outcomes
  • 13. Meeting the Buyer for the First Time
  • 14. First-Meeting Framework
  • 15. Nobody Has Ever Listened Themselves Out of a Sale
  • 16. Judge a Person by Their Questions Rather Than Their Answers
  • 17. Teach and Personalize to Connect with Buyers
  • 18. Overview of First-Meeting Deck
  • 19. Walking Away with a Clearly Defined Assignment
  • 20. Confirming the Assignment
  • 21. Creating Proposals That Convince
  • 22. Proposal Meetings as Sales Dialogues
  • 23. Welcome to the Kingdom of Ask
  • 24. Winning in Sales Negotiations
  • 25. This is Just the Start