AI and the Future of the Public Sector: The Creation of Public Sector 4.0

  • 10h 19m 48s
  • Tony Boobier
  • Gildan Media
  • 2022

In AI and the Future of the Public Sector: The Creation of Public Sector 4.0, renowned executive and consultant Tony Boobier delivers a comprehensive reference of the most relevant and central issues regarding the adoption and implementation of AI in the public sector. In the book, you'll find out why data and analytics are the solution to significant and ongoing problems in the public service relating to its ability to effectively provide services in an environment of reduced funding. You'll also discover the likely impact of future technological developments, like 5G and quantum computing, as well as explore the future of healthcare and the effective digitalization of the healthcare industry.

The book also offers: discussions of policing 4.0 and how data and analytics will transform public safety; explorations of the future of education and how AI can dramatically enhance educational standards while reducing costs; and treatments of the internationalization of public services and its impact on agencies and departments everywhere. A can't-miss resource for public sector employees at the managerial and professional levels, AI and the Future of the Public Sector is an insightful and timely blueprint to the effective use of artificial intelligence that belongs in the bookshelves of policy makers, academics, and public servants around the world.

About the Author

TONY BOOBIER is an independent consultant and former IBM worldwide executive with over 30 years’ experience in the fields of financial services, business intelligence, and analytics. He holds professional qualifications in engineering, marketing, supply chain management, and insurance.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • CHAPTER 1 - Understanding the Key Building Blocks of Progress
  • CHAPTER 2 - Office of Finance
  • CHAPTER 3 - Public Order and Safety
  • CHAPTER 4 - Personal Social Services
  • CHAPTER 5 - Health
  • CHAPTER 6 - Education
  • CHAPTER 7 - Defense
  • CHAPTER 8 - Smarter Cities and Transportation
  • CHAPTER 9 - Housing and the Environment
  • CHAPTER 10 - Employment, Industry, and Agriculture
  • CHAPTER 11 - The Role of the State
  • CHAPTER 12 - Risk and Cybercrime
  • CHAPTER 13 - Implementation – Leadership and Management
  • CHAPTER 14 - Further Implementation Issues
  • CHAPTER 15 - Conclusion


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