Akka in Action, Second Edition

  • 9h 32m
  • Francisco Lopez-Sancho Abraham
  • Manning Publications
  • 2024

Akka solves the big problems of distributed systems, from multithreading and concurrency to scalability and failure. Learn how to use it effectively.

In Akka in Action, Second Edition you will learn how to:

  • Create basic programs with Akka Typed
  • Work with clusters to build robust, fault-tolerant programs
  • Use Akka with Kubernetes
  • Build microservices with Akka
  • Create and maintain distributed state with strong consistency guarantees
  • Employ actor-based concurrency and parallelism
  • Test Akka software

Akka in Action, Second Edition teaches you to use Akka Typed to solve common problems of distributed systems. You’ll learn how to bring together all of Akka’s moving parts to design and implement highly scalable and maintainable software. Extensively revised by Akka contributor Francisco López-Sancho Abraham, this new edition demonstrates Akka’s complex concepts through engaging hands-on examples. Discover the power of the Actor Model, how Akka works with Kubernetes, and how to utilize Akka modules to create microservices that are reliable and fault tolerant.

About the technology

For large software systems, the action is in the “-ilities.” Scalability. Reliability. Maintainability. Capability. Akka, toolkit for building distributed message-driven applications, delivers on the “ilities.” And recent innovations, including Akka Typed, ensure that this amazing platform will remain the best way to build and deploy distributed Java and Scala applications for years to come.

About the book

Akka in Action, Second Edition is your guide to building message-centric distributed applications systems. This new edition covers all features of Akka, including Akka Typed. You’ll learn to create microservices using Akka’s powerful suite of tools, Akka Sharding, Persistence, Streams, Persistence Query, Projections, and gRPC. Practical examples taken directly from industry guide you through clustering, deploying to Kubernetes, and taking full advantage of Akka’s Actors-based approach to concurrency.

About the Author

Francisco Lopez Sancho-Abraham is a senior consultant at Lightbend, and a principal engineer on the Akka Team. Raymond Roestenburg, Rob Bakker, and Rob Williams are the authors of the first edition of Akka in Action.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Introducing Akka
  • Chapter 2 - Up and running
  • Chapter 3 - One actor is no actor
  • Chapter 4 - Akka test kit
  • Chapter 5 - Fault tolerance
  • Chapter 6 - Discovery and routing
  • Chapter 7 - Configuration
  • Chapter 8 - Clustering
  • Chapter 9 - Sharding and persistence
  • Chapter 10 - Streams, persistence queries, and projections
  • Chapter 11 - Akka ports
  • Chapter 12 - Real-world example: An Akka betting house
  • Chapter 13 - Clustering, part 2
  • Chapter 14 - Connecting to systems with Alpakka
  • Chapter 15 - Akka betting house, part 2
  • Chapter 16 - Akka Streams, part 2