Always In Fashion: From Clerk to CEO - Lessons for Success in Business and in Life

  • 6h 59m 36s
  • Mark Weber
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2015

An exclusive guided tour of the fashion industry - from the inside up.

Mark Weber is the ultimate fashion insider. Starting his career as a clerk in a clothing store, he worked his way up to the big time in New York City, becoming CEO of Phillips-VanHeusen (PVH)/Calvin Klein and then CEO of LVMH Inc. (USA) (Louis Vuitton/ Moet Hennessy) and chairman and CEO of Donna Karan International.

In Always in Fashion, Weber walks us through his fascinating career, providing an inspirational and instructional story of his rise to the top, his career disappointments, and his incredible journey back to the top of the fashion industry.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: I Wasn't Supposed to Have This Career
  • Chapter 2: I'll Take Luck Wherever I Can Find It
  • Chapter 3: What a Difference a Day Makes
  • Chapter 4: Youth Is Wasted on the Young
  • Chapter 5: The Godfather
  • Chapter 6: Ask Not What Your Company Can Do for You
  • Chapter 7: Climbing the Ladder
  • Chapter 8: Once in My Life I Was Brilliant
  • Chapter 9: Life in the Fast Lane
  • Chapter 10: The Solid Gold Rolex
  • Chapter 11: Pearls of Wisdom
  • Chapter 12: You Can't Always Get What You Want
  • Chapter 13: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
  • Chapter 14: Packaging Yourself Is as Important as Packaging Your Products
  • Chapter 15: Maybe Twice in My Career I Was Brilliant
  • Chapter 16: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
  • Chapter 17: Negotiating with the Master
  • Chapter 18: Run Away!
  • Chapter 19: Who's That Weirdo?
  • Chapter 20: We Liked Everything We Saw but Nothing We Heard
  • Chapter 21: My Friend Gene
  • Chapter 22: The Termination
  • Chapter 23: It's Not How Far You Fall; It's How High You Bounce Back
  • Chapter 24: The Headline That Changed My Life
  • Chapter 25: “I Think You'd Be Great for Dior”
  • Chapter 26: The Media Barrage
  • Chapter 27: From Madison Avenue to Paris
  • Chapter 28: I Like to Think My Gray Hair Brings Wisdom
  • Chapter 29: Licensing Is a Double-Edged Sword
  • Chapter 30: My Favorite Word Is “No”
  • Chapter 31: Working with Celebrities
  • Chapter 32: We Are in the Want Business
  • Chapter 33: It's All About Fashion
  • Chapter 34: On a Scale of 1 to 10 …
  • Chapter 35: The World Series versus the World Cup
  • Chapter 36: Indefensible
  • Chapter 37: Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover
  • Chapter 38: Mentoring Talent
  • Chapter 39: Don't Forget to Thank People Who Help You
  • Chapter 40: It Pays to Have Friends
  • Chapter 41: My Friend Bill
  • Chapter 42: The View of the Eiffel Tower
  • Chapter 43: Just in Case You Weren't Paying Attention …