Always On: Digital Brand Strategy in a Big Data World

  • 6h 8m 43s
  • Arve Peder Overland
  • Gildan Media
  • 2018

From where do powerful strategies come? How do some companies develop strategies that enable them to outperform others regardless of the state of their industry or the economic climate? How does a company get the essentials to work in regard to the company's strategies, such as leadership buy-in and follow-through on implementations and performance management, without being slow, rigid, and check-box focused?

These are some of the questions asked by Arve Peder Overland in Always On: Digital Brand Strategy in a Big Data World.

In this Audiobook

  • 1. Always On
  • 2. Companies see Challenges in Digital Transformation
  • 3. The Website
  • 4. Why are we in Social Media?
  • 5. Is a Customer Loyal if they're in my Program?
  • 6. Defining a Business Online
  • 7. Data the Great Myth Buster
  • 8. The Solution is never the next Gadget
  • 9. Understanding the Need
  • 10. Preparedness for Today and Inevitable Change
  • 11. Symbiotic Relationship between Brand and Digital Strategy
  • 12. Developing Brand Positioning and Value Propositions
  • 13. UX-based Brand Workshop Model
  • 14. Implementation Strategy
  • 15. Defining Digital Strategy and its Development Process
  • 16. Research, Facts and Insights
  • 17. Finally we're seeing the Big Picture through Big Data
  • 18. The Strategy Documents, Campaigns and Builds
  • 19. Setting Objectives—Stakeholders and their Requirements
  • 20. Defining your Digital Ecosystem
  • 21. An Honest Evaluation of your People and Systems
  • 22. Communication and Change Management
  • 23. Implementation Planning and Tactical Roadmap
  • 24. The Governance of Digital Programs and Systems
  • 25. The Importance of Performance Measurement
  • 26. Training, Guidelines, Responsibility Structure, Content Calendars, Accounts Info and Password Storage
  • 27. Ongoing Communications Strategy
  • 28. System and Reputational Risk Management
  • 29. How to Obtain, Develop, Retain and Verify Competence
  • 30. Building Better Partnerships
  • 31. Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Digital Governance