Am I Being Too Subtle? Straight Talk From a Business Rebel

  • 8h 57m 5s
  • Sam Zell
  • Random House
  • 2017

The traits that make Sam Zell one of the world's most successful entrepreneurs also make him one of the most surprising, enigmatic, and entertaining mavericks in American business.

Self-made billionaire Sam Zell consistently sees what others don't. From finding a market for overpriced Playboy magazines among his junior high classmates, to buying real estate on the cheap after a market crash, to investing in often unglamorous industries with long-term value, Zell acts boldly on supply and demand trends to grab the first-mover advantage. And he can find opportunity virtually anywhere - from an arcane piece of legislation to a desert meeting in Abu Dhabi.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - An Impossible Life
  • Chapter 2 - Start by Being Audacious
  • Chapter 3 - My Own Rules
  • Chapter 4 - Grave Dancer
  • Chapter 5 - Into the Inferno
  • Chapter 6 - Cassandra
  • Chapter 7 - A Godfather Offer
  • Chapter 8 - Zero Visibility
  • Chapter 9 - Without Borders
  • Chapter 10 - Behind the Deals
  • Chapter 11 - Making a Difference
  • Chapter 12 - Go for Greatness