Amazon: How the World's Most Relentless Retailer will Continue to Revolutionize Commerce

  • 10h 45s
  • Miya Knights, Natalie Berg
  • Kogan Page
  • 2019

The retail industry is facing unprecedented challenges. Across all sectors and markets, retailers are shifting their business models and customer engagement strategies to ensure their survival. The rise of online shopping, and its primary player, Amazon, is at the heart of many of these changes and opportunities. Amazon explores the e-commerce giant's strategies, providing original insight at a time when the company is on the cusp of revolutionizing itself even further.

Amazon's relentless dissatisfaction with the status quo is what makes it such an extraordinary retailer. This audiobook explores whether Amazon has what it takes to become a credible grocery retailer, and as it transitions to bricks and mortar retailing, explores whether Amazon's stores can be as compelling as its online offering and if innovations such as voice technology, checkout-free stores, and its Prime ecosystem will fundamentally change the way consumers shop.

Written by industry-leading retail analysts who have spent decades providing research-based analysis and opinion, Amazon analyzes the impact these initiatives will have on the wider retail sector and the lessons that can be learned from its unprecedented rise to dominance, as stores of the future become less about transactions and more about experiences.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - It's an Amazon World
  • Chapter 2 - Why Amazon is Not Your Average Retailer: Introduction to Retail Strategy
  • Chapter 3 - The Prime Ecosystem: Redefining Loyalty for Today's Modern Shopper
  • Chapter 4 - Retail Apocalypse: Reality or Myth?
  • Chapter 5 - End of Pure-Play E-Commerce: Amazon's Transition to Bricks and Mortar Retailing
  • Chapter 6 - Amazon's Grocery Ambitions: Create a Platform to Sell You Everything Else
  • Chapter 7 - Whole Foods Market: A Brave New Era
  • Chapter 8 - A Private Label Juggernaut: Here Comes the Squeeze
  • Chapter 9 - Technology and Frictionless Retail
  • Chapter 10 - AI and Voice: The New Retail Frontier
  • Chapter 11 - Store of the Future: How Digital Automation will Enrich the Customer Experience
  • Chapter 12 - Store of the Future: Shifting from Transactional to Experiential
  • Chapter 13 - Retail Fulfilment: Winning the Customer Over the Final Mile
  • Chapter 14 - The Last-Mile Infrastructure
  • Chapter 15 - Conclusion: Peak Amazon?


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