Anything You Want

  • 1h 30m 47s
  • Derek Sivers
  • Brilliance Publishing
  • 2011

Best known for creating CD Baby, the most popular music site for independent artists, founder Derek Sivers chronicles his “accidental” success and failures into this concise and inspiring book on how to create a multi-million dollar company by following your passion.

In this Audiobook

  • Ten years of experience in one hour
  • What's your compass?
  • Just selling my CD
  • Make a dream come true
  • A business model with only two numbers
  • This ain't no revolution
  • If it's not a hit, switch
  • No “yes.” Either “Hell yeah!” or “no.”
  • Just like that, my plan completely changed
  • The advantage of no funding
  • Start now. No funding needed.
  • Ideas are just a multiplier of execution
  • Formalities play on fear. Bravely refuse.
  • The strength of many little customers
  • Proudly exclude people
  • Why no advertising?
  • This is just one of many options
  • You don't need a plan or a vision
  • “I miss the mob.”
  • How do you grade yourself?
  • Care about your customers more than about yourself
  • Act like you don't need the money
  • Don't punish everyone for one person's mistake
  • A real person, a lot like you
  • You should feel pain when you're unclear
  • The most successful e-mail I ever wrote
  • Little things make all the difference
  • It's OK to be casual
  • Naive quitting
  • Prepare to double
  • It's about being, not having
  • The day Steve Jobs dissed me in a keynote
  • My $3.3 million mistake
  • Delegate or die: The self-employment trap
  • Make it anything you want
  • Trust, but verify
  • Delegate, but don't abdicate
  • How I knew I was done
  • Why I gave my company to charity
  • You make your perfect world


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