Artificial Unintelligence: How Computers Misunderstand the World

  • 7h 46m 35s
  • Meredith Broussard
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2019

In Artificial Unintelligence, Meredith Broussard argues that our collective enthusiasm for applying computer technology to every aspect of life has resulted in a tremendous amount of poorly designed systems. We are so eager to do everything digitally - hiring, driving, paying bills, even choosing romantic partners - that we have stopped demanding that our technology actually work. Broussard, a software developer and journalist, reminds us that there are fundamental limits to what we can (and should) do with technology.

In this Audiobook

  • 1. Hello, Listener
  • 2. Hello, World
  • 3. Hello, AI
  • 4. Hello, Data Journalism
  • 5. Why Poor Schools Can't Win at Standardized Tests
  • 6. People Problems
  • 7. Machine Learning: The DL on ML
  • 8. This Car Won't Drive Itself
  • 9. Popular Doesn't Mean Good
  • 10. On the Startup Bus
  • 11. Third-Wave AI
  • 12. Aging Computers