At What Cost: Modern Capitalism and the Future of Health

  • 18h 41m 50s
  • Nicholas Freudenberg
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2021

Freedom of choice lies at the heart of American society. Every day, individuals decide what to eat, which doctors to see, who to connect with online, and where to educate their children. Yet, many Americans don't realize that these choices are illusory at best. The available options in food, healthcare, education, transportation, and even online presence are largely constructed by corporations, whose sweeping influence have made them the public face and executive agents of 21st-century capitalism.

At What Cost confronts how globalization, financial speculation, monopolies, and control of science and technology have enhanced the ability of corporations and their allies to overwhelm influences of government, family, community, and faith. As corporations manipulate demand through skillful marketing and veto the choices that undermine their bottom line, free consumer choice has all but disappeared, and with it, the personal protections guarding our collective health. At What Cost argues that the world created by 21st-century capitalism is simply not fit to solve our most serious public health problems. However, Nicholas Freudenberg also shows that though the road is steep, human and planetary well-being constitute a powerful mobilizing idea for a new social movement, one that will restore the power of individual voice to our democracy.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - The Changing Face of US and Global Capitalism
  • Chapter 2 - Food: Ultra-Processed Products Become the Global Diet
  • Chapter 3 - Education: Private Capital Goes to School
  • Chapter 4 - Healthcare: The Medical Care Industry's War on Cancer
  • Chapter 5 - Work: The Growth of Low-Wage and Precarious Labor
  • Chapter 6 - The Future of Transportation: Uber and Autonomous Vehicles or Mass Transit?
  • Chapter 7 - Social Connections: Extracting Profit from Human Relations
  • Chapter 8 - Transitions from Twenty-First-Century Capitalism
  • Chapter 9 - From Now to Next: How to Build a Movement for Another World