Authentic Diversity: How to Change the Workplace for Good

  • 5h 8m 8s
  • Michelle Silverthorn
  • Gildan Media
  • 2021

The nation has transformed. The calls for racial equity are loud and insistent and they are now being listened to. And yet, companies across the country are still far behind when it comes to equity in the workplace. For decades, we've heard variations on the same theme on how to increase diversity and inclusion and we have still not moved. If we want equity to matter inside and outside the workplace, if we want to be real allies for change, then we need a new approach. We need to stop following trends. We need to lead change.

In Authentic Diversity, culture change expert and diversity speaker Michelle Silverthorn explains how to transform diversity and inclusion from mere lip service into the very heart of leadership. Following the journey of a Black woman in the workplace, leaders learn the old rules of diversity that keep failing her and millions like her again and again, and the new rules they must put in place to make success a reality for everyone. A millennial, immigrant, and Black woman in America, Michelle will show you how to lead a space centered on equity, allyship, and inclusion and how together we can build a new organization, and nation, centered on justice.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Hello from the 70th Floor
  • Chapter 2 - Why are We Stuck on Workplace Diversity
  • Chapter 3 - Old Rule of Diversity #1. Just Make the Business Case for Diversity
  • Chapter 4 - Old Rule of Diversity #2. Make Sure You Mention That Bias is OK
  • Chapter 5 - Old Rule of Diversity #3. Whatever You Do, Don't Mention Race
  • Chapter 6 - Old Rule of Diversity #4. Everyone Starts at the Same Starting Line
  • Chapter 7 - Old Rule of Diversity #5. And Our Culture Welcomes Everyone
  • Chapter 8 - It's Time to Change the Rules
  • Chapter 9 - New Rule of Equity #1. Make the People Case for Inclusion
  • Chapter 10 - New Rule of Equity #2. Build a Data-Driven Equity Strategy
  • Chapter 11 - New Rule of Equity #3. Want to Hire the “Right Fit”? Use Competencies to Find Them
  • Chapter 12 - New Rule of Equity #4. Build a Community That Works for Your Marginalized Employees
  • Chapter 13 - New Rule of Equity #5. Make Authentic Diversity Matter for Good
  • Chapter 14 - Goodbye from the 70th Floor
  • Chapter 15 - Change the Workplace for Good