AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Study Guide With 500 Practice Test Questions: Foundational (CLF-C02) Exam, 2nd Edition

  • 10h 49m 34s
  • Ben Piper, David Clifton
  • Gildan Media
  • 2024

In the newly revised second edition of AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Study Guide: Foundational (CLF-C02) Exam, a team of veteran IT professionals and educators delivers an up-to-date and easy-to-follow introduction to Amazon's industry-leading cloud technology and the introductory certification exam that demonstrates your understanding of it.

Used by thousands of companies across the globe, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an integral part of business IT operations at firms in virtually every industry and sector. In this book, you'll prepare to pass the recently updated AWS Certification Exam and prove your knowledge of critical AWS cloud technologies and capabilities. You'll find complete and thorough coverage of every topic included on the exam, from infrastructure to architecture and cybersecurity. You'll also discover comprehensive discussions of the AWS Cloud value proposition, as well as billing, account management, and pricing models.

IThe AWS Certified AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Study Guide is an essential resource for any IT professional that works directly with Amazon Web Services, as well as students in IT fields, and non-technical professionals who work with and alongside technical experts.

About the Author

Ben Piper is an IT consultant who has created more than 30 educational courses covering Amazon Web Services, networking, and automation. Learn more about Ben from his website at

David Clinton is a system administrator, teacher, and writer. He has created training material for subjects including Linux systems, cloud computing (AWS in particular), and virtualization. David has written books on AWS, Linux administration, and data analytics. Access more of David’s technology content at

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - The Cloud
  • Chapter 2 - Understanding Your AWS Account
  • Chapter 3 - Getting Support on AWS
  • Chapter 4 - Understanding the AWS Environment
  • Chapter 5 - Securing Your AWS Resources
  • Chapter 6 - Working with Your AWS Resources
  • Chapter 7 - The Core Compute Services
  • Chapter 8 - The Core Storage Services
  • Chapter 9 - The Core Database Services
  • Chapter 10 - The Core Networking Services
  • Chapter 11 - Automating Your AWS Workloads
  • Chapter 12 - Common Use-Case Scenarios