Between Grit and Grace: How to Be Feminine and Formidable

  • 7h 11m 44s
  • Dr. Sasha K. Shillcutt MD
  • Gildan Media
  • 2020

Women need to know it's okay to be kind and assertive. Between Grit and Grace will show you that success comes when you are comfortable living in the space between grit and grace - grit meaning being resilient and taking charge of your life (socially-acceptable masculine attributes), and grace meaning showing others mercy (socially-acceptable feminine trait).

Author Sasha Shillcutt, MD, will explain how to give yourself permission to disappoint nice people (and know that you are still a nice person anyway). You'll learn how to stop apologizing for showing your strength and grit, and embrace your grace, too. This is where personal peace lives.

Dr. Shillcutt taught herself how to be a gritty, grace-filled leader and live authentically. Now, she wants to help other women be brave enough to do the same. Her passion is empowering and encouraging women to be brave enough in their professional and personal lives. She believes women cannot be too brave, too kind, too strong, too smart, too funny, too beautiful, or too authentic.

Using real-life stories, this audiobook explains how women can be feminine and formidable. Leadership and lipstick are not mutually exclusive. You'll realize you can be bossy and caring, fearless and vulnerable, relentless and forgiving, smart and humble - and make it to the top.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Kind and Obedient and Compliant
  • Chapter 2 - Your Internal Voice: Frenemy vs. Fangirl
  • Chapter 3 - One of the Boys… Not
  • Chapter 4 - Everything to Everyone but Nothing to Myself
  • Chapter 5 - Brave Enough to Be Me
  • Chapter 6 - Be Bossy; it's Okay
  • Chapter 7 - Finding Your Five
  • Chapter 8 - An Imposter Among Us
  • Chapter 9 - Leadership and Lipstick
  • Chapter 10 - The Safety of the Shore


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