Beyond Everywhere: How Wi-Fi Became the World's Most Beloved Technology

  • 12h 15m 31s
  • Greg Ennis
  • Gildan Media
  • 2023

The fascinating story of the people who created Wi-Fi, their early battles against skeptical opponents, and how it ultimately exploded across the globe to become synonymous with the internet itself—as told by one of Wi-Fi's central figures.

Eighteen billion Wi-Fi devices are in use around the world, with four billion more added every year. Connecting everyone to everything, it is central to our lives today. How did this happen? Beyond Everywhere is the surprising story in its entirety: the techno/political conflicts at its birth, the battles against competing technologies as it was being nurtured, and the international diplomatic intrigue as it spread across the planet. This vivid narrative about the people who gave Wi-Fi to the world is told with humor, insight, and charm by one of Wi-Fi's key developers.

"Whether you are a fan of technology or simply a fan of great storytelling, you will be captivated by Beyond Everywhere, the heretofore untold story of how the fundamental Wi-Fi connectivity we all rely on came to be. Because of his unique and longstanding position at the very center of the Wi-Fi world, there is no one better than Greg Ennis to tell this dramatic tale. Now synonymous with the internet itself-and with billions of users-the Wi-Fi story has finally been told."—Edgar Figueroa, President and CEO, Wi-Fi Alliance

About the Author

For twenty-five years, until his retirement as Vice President of Technology for the Wi-Fi Alliance, Greg Ennis was at the very center of the Wi-Fi industry. In 1993, Ennis and two co-authors developed the technical proposal that was voted in by the IEEE 802.11 committee as the foundation for the Wi-Fi standard, beating out nine competing proposals from IBM and others. He then served as Chief Technical Editor for that Wi-Fi standard and was awarded by IEEE a “Certificate of Appreciation—in grateful acknowledgment of his outstanding contributions.” In 1999, Ennis and a handful of colleagues founded the Wi-Fi Alliance (“the international network of companies that bring you Wi-Fi”) and from the very beginning, he held that organization’s lead technical position until retiring in 2016. Ennis has been inducted into the Wi-Fi Alliance Hall of Fame. He currently lives with his wife in the beautiful Sierra foothills, just below Yosemite.

In this Audiobook

  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1 - A Wireless Net for Commodity Traders
  • Chapter 2 - Experience Is Required
  • Chapter 3 - No License Needed
  • Chapter 4 - NCR Starts Making Waves
  • Chapter 5 - A Win in Chicago
  • Chapter 6 - Symbol and NCR Decide to Play Nice
  • Chapter 7 - Old Friends, New Friends
  • Chapter 8 - Phil Presents WHAT?
  • Chapter 9 - Some Unwanted Offers of Compromise
  • Chapter 10 - Starting Out Easy
  • Chapter 11 - The Foundation Proposal
  • Chapter 12 - The Battle Is Joined, but Victory Is Elusive
  • Chapter 13 - Decision
  • Chapter 14 - Interlude
  • Chapter 15 - Com Demands Ethernet Speeds, Of Course
  • Chapter 16 - Greg and Jeff's Excellent Adventure
  • Chapter 17 - The Grenade Is Tossed
  • Chapter 18 - Sarosh Gives Me a Strange New Assignment
  • Chapter 19 - Our Trilogy Alliance Expands to Six
  • Chapter 20 - We Name Our Baby
  • Chapter 21 - Steve Jobs Does His Thing
  • Chapter 22 - Launching in a Hurricane
  • Chapter 23 - Extra, Extra, Read All About It— First Wi-Fi Certs!
  • Chapter 24 - Cracked
  • Chapter 25 - Playing in a New Band
  • Chapter 26 - More Money, Please
  • Chapter 27 - Frank... and Edgar
  • Chapter 28 - A Meeting in the Capital
  • Chapter 29 - Cocktails Under Darkening Clouds
  • Chapter 30 - Black Market, Olympic Gold
  • Chapter 31 - The Forbidden City Opens Its Gates
  • Chapter 32 - Here Come the Gizmos
  • Chapter 33 - Love/Hate
  • Chapter 34 - Netflix Gets a Wi-Fi Boost
  • Chapter 35 - An Ending That's Not an Ending
  • Epilogue: Wi-Fi in the Time of COVID