Brand Warfare: 10 Rules for Building the Killer Brand

  • 4h 14m 40s
  • David F. D'Alessandro
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2003

While more than a quarter of its traditional competitors were going out of business, John Hancock, under the direction of marketing wizard, David D'Alessandro, transformed itself from a sleepy old life insurer into a leading financial services giant. In Brand Warfare much-quoted maverick, D'Alessandro provides the secrets to his winning brand strategy that anyone in business can use to become a brand icon and incredible bottom-line success. D'Alessandro introduces his "brand first" philosophy and explains why brand must always take top priority over every other business consideration. He describes how that philosophy helped inspire the innovations in distribution, advertising, technology, and product mix behind John Hancock's astonishing transformation.

In this Audiobook

  • Rule 1: It's the Brand, Stupid
  • Rule 2: Codependency Can Be Beautiful—Consumers Need Good Brands As Much As Good Brands Need Them
  • Rule 3: A Great Brand Message is Like a Bucking Bronco—Once You're On, Don't Let Go
  • Rule 4: If You Want Great Advertising, Be Prepared to Fight for It
  • Rule 5: When It Comes to Sponsorships, There's A Sucker Born Every 30 Seconds
  • Rule 6: Do Not Confuse Sponsorship with a Spectator Sport
  • Rule 7: Do Not Allow Scandal to Destroy in 30 Days a Brand That Took 100 Years to Build
  • Rule 8: Make Your Distributors Slaves to Your Brand
  • Rule 9: Use Your Brand to Lead Your People to the Promised Land
  • Rule 10: Ultimately, the Brand Is the CEO's Responsibility—and Everyone Else's, Too


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